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Checklist of 

Eighteenth Century 


In The 

Georgia Historical Society 



Checklist of 

Eighteenth Century 


In The 

Georgia Historical Society 

Compiled by 

Lilla Mills Hawes 


Karen Elizabeth Osvald 






^v The Georgia Historical Society is publishing this checklist of its 18th 
century manuscript collections as a contribution to the Bicentennial of 
the United States. 

The smaller collections are described in more detail than are the 
larger ones, though in the latter an attempt was made to cite the im- 
portant correspondents and subject matter. For collections where a 
calendar is available it is noted at the end of the descriptive paragraphs; 
for example, the Joseph Vallence Bevan Papers and the Telfair Family 
Papers. Where there are papers of more than one family member, they 
have been grouped together. These are the Habershams, the Joneses and 
the Telfairs. 

In instances where there are copies rather than original papers, it is 
noted, naming the holders of the originals when known. Papers that have 
been published are also noted, with citations to the publications. 

The collections have been numbered from 1 through 176 to facilitate 
indexing. The numbers at the end of each description are the library file 
numbers which should be noted when asking for any of the papers. 

The only 18th century manuscripts omitted are legal documents, 
inasmuch as these are of record in either the Georgia Surveyor-General 
Department or various courthouses. 

The preparation of this checklist was made possible by an intern 
grant from Governor Busbee's office to Miss Karen E. Osvald who spent 
the summer of 1975 working with us on the papers. It is being published 
under a grant from the Georgia Commission for the National Bicen- 
tennial Celebration. 

Lilla Mills Hawes. 



ADAMS (JOHN) PAPER, 1 798. 1 item. 

Adams (1767-1848); Minister to St. Petersburg; Senator and 
Representative from Massachusetts; Secretary of State; President 
of the U.S. 

Letter dated Philadelphia, 20 July 1798, to the Young Men of 
Augusta, in appreciation of their support of the war; gives his view 
on the French Revolution. 3 p. L.S. 

File No. 965 

ALSOP& HICKS PAPERS, 1793-1794, 1801. 4 items. 

Alsop & Hicks were merchants in New York. 

The letters, all from Savannah, pertain to business and are from; 
WiUiam Lamb, 1793; Robert Bolton, 1793; Samuel Wall, 1794; and 
Henry Deaves, 1801. 

File No. 935 

ANONYMOUS, 1767-1786. 5 items. 

Five unidentified papers, as follows: 

1) "A Gurnal of my Travling to the Indian Countrary," 1767, 
signed WilUam M . 4 p., mutilated. 

2) Observations regarding fortifications and number of troops 
around New York City, 1776? 2 p. The second observation 

3) Account of a Journey with James Martin Gibbons from 
Charleston to Sharon Plantation near Savannah in September 
1784. 5 p. 

4) "Upon Virtue in general, and female. Education & Manners in 
particular. Being an inaugural Dissertation to the opening of 
an English Academy for young Ladies & Misses, in Savannah 
the 20th Novr. 1786. By the Preceptor of the Academy who un- 
dertook the business of his own notion." 50 p. No extant 
newspapers to aid identification. 

5) Advertisement of the forthcoming publication of pamphlet 
called "A Back Settler with a short account of the Life of the 
Author . . . Written to support and defend the rights of 


mankind in this Western World ... 1 p. Appears to be late 
18th century. 

File numbers 10, 11, 12, 13, 24, respectively. 

4 BAILLIE (GEORGE) PAPERS, 1787-1789. 4 items. 

This George Baillie was the son of Robert and Anne Mcintosh 
Baillie who were Loyalists. These letters, written to George Baillie 
by Thomas Forbes, of Panton and Forbes, and Robert Payne con- 
cern lumber shipments and claims of the estate of Robert Baillie for 
losses in Florida and Nassau due to the Revolution. All are A.L.Ss. 

File number 40. 

5 BERRIEN(JOHN) PAPERS, 1776-1792. 6 items. 

Berrien (ca. 1760-1815); Revolutionary soldier, was born in New 
Jersey and died in Savannah, Georgia. The papers all relate to his 
service in the Revolution in the Georgia militia and civil service. 

There are five commissions: by the Continental Congress as 2nd 
Lieutenant, 2nd Company Georgia Battalion, 1776, and bearing his 
promotion as 1st Lieutenant, 6th Company Georgia Battalion; by 
the Continental Congress as Captain, 8th Company Georgia Bat- 
talion, 1777; two as Inspector of the Revenue for the Port of 
Savannah, 1791 and 1792, both signed by George Washington, 
President and Thomas Jefferson, Secretary of State; by the State of 
Georgia as captain of a troop of Dragoons (1st Regiment Georgia 
Militia), 1786. Other papers are Berrien's oath of allegiance to the 
United States of America, signed by him as Major of a North 
Carolina Brigade, 1778; and a typed copy of a certificate of his ser- 
vice in the Revolution, 1786, the original of which is in the 
Southern Historical Collection, the University of North Carolina. 
Also in the collection is the commission of Nicholas Anciaux as 
Quartermaster of a Royal Regiment of Infantry, 17 January 1779, 
signed by Louis XVI. 

File No. 67 and 68. 


Bevan (1798-1830); a Savannah lawyer, was appointed official 
historian of Georgia in 1824. He was to arrange the state's official 


papers and publish the more important ones. He also undertook to 
write a history of Georgia. In this capacity he copied many of the 
state's papers and collected others from private sources. He died 
before he could finish his work. His papers were scattered, some 
lost. Those in the Georgia Historical Society's collection are largely 
copies; some are original manuscripts. Some were separated from 
the body of the papers and are listed separately. There are official 
colony and state papers and letters and other papers of individuals. 
They cover various phases of colony and state government, Indian 
affairs, including originals of lists of presents to the Indians, 1749- 
1751, Revolutionary War military affairs, the Yazoo speculation. 
Not included in this checklist are those after 1798 with the ex- 
ception of a few which relate to the Revolution. Official papers are 
Lists of Acts disallowed under the Royal Government, 1755-1775; 
Proceedings of Governor and Council, 1774-1780 (copy); 
Proceedings of Executive Council, 1778-1779, 1782; extracts from 
the journals of the Georgia House and Senate and resolutions; let- 
ters to and from the Governors; proclamations; Indian talks. 

The writers of letters, despositions, etc., are, in alphabetical order: 
Timothy Barnard, Richard Call, Patrick Carr, Elijah Clark, 
Zachariah Cox, Count d'Estaing, Nathanael Greene, James Gunn, 
Abner Hammond, James Jackson, John Loverel, James Madison, 
M. A. B. Mangourit, Governor Mathews, Old Tossell (Cherokee 
Chief), John Nepommene de Quesada, Archer Norris, Andrew 
Pickens, Daniel Stewart, Anthony Wayne, Charles Weatherford, 
Solomon Wood. Two letters written to Bevan in 1812 relating to 
the writers' Revolutionary War experiences are from Samuel Beck- 
com and Richard Winn. There are also parts of two other such let- 
ters from sources not yet identified. It is not possible to describe 
this collection in detail in this space. There is a complete checklist, 
partially annotated, in the Society's library. 

File No. 71. 


Minutes dated Headquarters,. 6 January, 1782, discussing the plan 
of the fortification and defenses of Savannah; resolved to send 500 
men to reinforce the town; signed Peter Russell. 2 p. Photocopy of 
the original in the Henry E. Huntington Library. 

File No. 938. 


BOURNE (BENJAMIN) PAPER, 1781 . 1 item. 

Ensign and Quartermaster of Babcock's and Lippitt's Regiments, 
Rhode Island Militia; died 1808. 

Letter to Bourne, ADQM from Robrt Crooke, AQM, dated 
Newport, 10 Dec. 1781, re poor condition of horse; another needed 
for service. 1 p. A.L.S. 

File No. 649. 

9 BRADFORD (THOMAS) PAPER, 1780. litem. 

Permit for Bradford and his Negro man, Dick, to pass and repass 
the picket at Ramapo. Issued at Headquarters, Bergen County, 
September 3, 1780. Signed by George Washington. 1 p. D. S. 

File number 81. 

10 BRADLEY (WILLIAM) PAPERS, 1721-1775. 10 items. 

Bradley was sent by the Georgia Trustees in 1736 to teach 
agricuhure. In 1740 he left for South CaroHna because of financial 
trouble. Later he returned to England. 

The collection contains: sales account book, Nov. 1, 1753-Feb. 4, 
1755; a letter from Thomas Burrington to Isaac Young, 1759, 
reporting on affairs of William Bradley, Sr. in Georgia; one of 
Jane Barnard to William Bradley, Jr., n.d., mentioning death of 
her brother; and another letter of Martha Young to Elizabeth 
Bradley, 1775, concerning her father's affairs. Also in this collec- 
tion are papers of Caleb Davis, which relate to his complaint, his 
petition, and remonstrance regarding his treatment at the hands of 
civil and military authorities of Georgia. All papers are' 

File No. 929. 

11 BROWNSON (NATHAN) PAPERS, 1781-1786. 3 items. 

Brownson (1742-1796); physician; planter; delegate to Continental 
Congress, Surgeon to Georgia Brigade, Continental Army; Gover- 
nor of Georgia. 


The items are a circular to Brownson from Robert R. Livingston, 
1781, giving directions for ascertaining war damages in Georgia as 
ordered by Congress; bond of Henry Putnam and Brownson to An- 
thony Walton White and Raymond Demere in suit for undivided 
half of St. Catherines Island, 1785; and a letter from Brownson to 
Governor [Edward Telfair], 1786, concerning lack of residence for 
Treasurer in Augusta, and paying of bonds for confiscated proper- 

File No. 97 and Delores Boisfeuillet Floyd papers, not numbered. 

12 BRYAN (JONATHAN) PAPERS, 1774-1791 . 3 items. 

Bryan (1708-1788); member of Provincial Congress and Council of 
Safety, acting Vice President and Commander-in-Chief of Georgia, 


The papers are: Indenture between Head Men and Warriors of the 
Creek Nation and Jonathan Bryan, 28 Oct. 1774, concerning lease 
for Lockeway and Appalache Old Fields for four score and 
nineteen years, signed by mark or each of the Head Men and 
Warriors, witnessed by James Adair and Seaborn Jones, attested as 
a true copy from the record in CC of Conveyances folio 729-732; 
bill of exchange for £828 Carolina currency to Wilham Williamson 
to be paid to Joseph Farley, 1 Jan 1775, signed by Jonathan Bryan; 
writ of levy, executors of William Young vs executors of Jonathan 
Bryan, 15 Oct. 1791. 

File No. 98. 

13 BUFFINGTON (MOSES) PAPER, 1779. litem. 

Buffington (175 i-?) was Ensign in Robert Parr's Company, South 
Carohna Royalists. 

Letter to his father, Peter Buffington, Sr., dated Headquarters, 
Savannah, 8 December 1779 in which he tells of his experiences at 
Siege of Savannah. 2 p. A.L.S. Published in The Magnolia; or 
Southern Appalachian, volume 2, number 6, page 378 (1843). 

File No. 101. 


14 BULLOCH (ARCHIBALD) PAPERS, 1769-1777. 13 items. 

Bulloch (1729/30-1777); lawyer; planter; first President of the 
Provincial Congress of Georgia. 

All of these papers except one are photocopies of originals in the 
New York Public Library, National Archives and William R. 
Clements Library. The original is a letter of Bulloch to General 
Charles Lee, dated Savannah, 26 June 1776, in which he writes of 
ships of war off the coast, outrages of the Indians; mentions Lt. 
Seixas and Jonathan Bryan. 2 p. A.L.S. The copies from the New 
York Public Library are a bond, John Winn, Archibald Bulloch 
and Robert Bolton to Sir James Wright, 1769; Bulloch to John 
Houstoun, Savannah [illegible] 1772; Bulloch signature cut from a 
letter dated Savannah, 13 July 1776; Bulloch to General Lee, 1776; 
attestation from will of Gasper Gabort, 1776; appointment of ap- 
praisers of estate of George Schweiger, 1776; bond of Jonathan 
Bryan to Archibald Bulloch, 1776; appointment of appraisers of 
estate of William Bacon, 1776; Bulloch to states of North Carolina, 
Virginia and Maryland, 1777. From National Archives: Bulloch to 
Messrs. Roux & Company, Savannah, 1776 and 1777. From 
William L. Clements Library: appointment of appraisers of estate 
of Danby Kennedy (?), 1777. From unidentified source, copy of a 
letter of Timothy Barnard to Daniel Tait, 1776, transmitting copy 
of a talk to the Lower Creeks from the Committee in Savannah, 
signed by Bulloch. 

File No. 103. 

1 5 BURKE (AEDANUS) PAPER, 1781. 1 item. 

Burke (1743-1802); congressman and jurist; resided in Charleston, 
South Carolina. 

This letter is from Burke to an unidentified person, dated camp 
before York[town], 16 October 1781, in which he describes the at- 
tack by the British on October 15. The last part of the letter is dated 
October 18 and 19 and tells of the British surrender. Typed copy of 
original in private possession (1965). 

File No. 108. 



Returns of 1st Battalion of Burke County Militia for the year 1792, 
and of the 2nd Battalion of Militia, commanded by John Clements, 
1 February 1792. Number of men and names of officers. 2 p. D.Ss. 

File No. 110. 

17 CAMPBELL (ARCHIBALD) PAPERS, 1778. 3 items. 

Campbell was Lieutenant Colonel of the 7 1st Scottish Regiment. 

These papers are photocopies of originals in the New York Public 
Library and an unidentified institution, as follows: Carlisle et al. 
to Campbell, 3 November 1778, appointing him to command ex- 
pedition against Georgia; return of killed and wounded of the 
detachment under command of Campbell, 29 December 1778; 
return of prisoners of war taken in action, 29 December 1778, by 
British forces under command of Campbell. 

File No. 119. 

18 CAMPBELL (MACARTAN) PAPER, ca. 1793. 1 item. 

Campbell (ca. 1748-1793); was a merchant of Augusta. 

This paper is a list of Negroes, with value of each, included in estate 
of Macartan Campbell by mistake, having previous to his death 
been settled on Mrs. Campbell by the marriage settlement. N.d. 3 

File No. 120. 

19 CAMPBELL (SARAH) PAPER, 1782. 1 item. 

Mrs. Campbell (1756-1810); was the daughter of Edward Fenwick 
of South Carolina and wife of Macartan Campbell. 

Letter to Governor Richard Howley, dated Queensborough, 1782, 
thanking him for his services in her and her husband's behalf. 2 p. 

File No. 121. 


20 CASWELL (RICHARD) PAPER, 1780. 1 item. 

Caswell (1729-1789); Col. of North Carolina Partisan Rangers, 
Major in the North Carolina Militia and Governor of North 

Letter to Governor Abner Nash, 1780, concerning the raising of 
troops, securing horses and commissions for officers. 1 p. A.L.S. 

File No. 649. 

21 CHATHAM ARTILLERY PAPERS, 1793, 1795. 2 items. 

Chatham Artillery, organized 1786, the oldest military 
organization in Georgia. The Georgia Historical Society is the 
depository for their large collection of extant papers. The only two 
18th century items are: Muster Roll of the Volunteer Company of 
Artillery belonging to the 1st Battalion of the Chatham Regiment 
of Mihtia, stationed at Fort Saunders in Liberty County, 1793: and 
General Orders dated H.Q. Greenville, 1795, granting a short stay 
of the execution of Ephraim Barker, Archibald McDonald and 
John Batuze. 

File No. 966. 


Rank and arrangment of Militia of Chatham County issued from 
Government House, Augusta, 3 Dec. 1790. Gives lists of officers, 
dates of commission, etc. Signed by Joel Meriwether, Secty, Exec. 
Dept. 2 p. A.D.S. Photocopy. 

File No. 138. 

23 CHEKILLI (CREEK CHIEF) PAPER, 1735. litem. 

Chekilli was Emperor of the Upper and Lower Creeks, having suc- 
ceeded Emperor Brim. 

Talk given at Savannah, 11 June 1735, telHng the migration legend 
of the Creeks, the so-called "Chekilli legend." 7 p. Photocopy of 
the original in Public Record Office, London. Published in the 
Georgia Historical Quarterly, XV, 192-198 (June 1931). 

File No. 143. 


24 CLAY (JOSEPH) PAPERS, 1765-1802. 11 items. 

Clay (1741-1804); Savannah merchant; member of Provincial 
Congress; Council of Safety; delegate to Continental Congress; 
Deputy Paymaster in Georgia with the rank of Colonel. 

This collection contains his business letter books and miscellaneous 
papers. The letter books are: 19 Dec. 1772-16 May 1776, 8 Feb., 20 
Feb. 1776, and 21 Nov. 1776-9 Nov. 1802, all except the last one 
were published with some omissions in Collections of the Georgia 
Historical Society, Vlll (1913). The miscellaneous papers are letters 
to Clay from John Wereat, 1789, re confiscated estates; from 
Jonathan Cochran, 1765, ordering food; letters from Clay to 
Nathanael Greene, 1782 and 1783, re poHtical and personal matters 
and title to Mulberry Grove Plantation; to Seaborn Jones, 1788, 
1798 and 1801, re legal and business matters; to Governor Edward 
Telfair, 1793, re "The Exors of Jackson vs Clay, Telfair & Clark;" 
also a letter from Ann L. Clay (Mrs. Joseph Clay), n.d., to her son- 
in-law William Wallace with family news. 

File No. 152 and 153. 

25 CLAY, TELFAIR & CO. PAPERS, 1783-1795. 3 vols. 

Letter books, 25 Oct. 1783 - 1 Sept. 1784; May 1785-25 May 1787; 
28 May 1787-16 July 1795. These books concern the business let- 
ters, partnerships of Joseph Clay and Edward Telfair. See also 
Telfair Family papers, no. 154 this list. 

File No. 154. 

26 CLIFFE (WALTER) PAPER, 1782. litem. 

Orders to be observed by non-commissioned officers of the provost 
guard. Savannah, with regulation as to prisoners and their mail, 21 
March 1782, signed Walter CHffe, Major of Brigade [British]. 1 p. 
D.S. Contemporary copy. 

File No. 156. 

27 COLOMB (PIERRE) PAPER, 1779. 1 item. 

Colomb, Frenchman who enlisted in the American service and was 
commander of a company of Dragoons. He was captured when 
Savannah fell in 1778. 


Letter from General Augustin Prevost dated Headquarters 
Ebenezer, 27 May 1779, informing Colomb that he is to be at liber- 
ty and be released on the Whitby. 1 p. A.L.S. 

File No. 164. 


Letter to Lt. Colonel Archibald Campbell dated Savannah 1779, 
telling of the difficulties of the Commission in compiling the num- 
ber of homes and personal property; sending minutes of the Board, 
and hoping he will take charge on his return. 3 p. L.S. Photocopy 
of the original in Public Record Office. 

File No. 941. 

PAPER, 1791-1800. 1 item. 

Minute book, 25 March 1791 - June 4, 1800. 281 p. The collection 
also contains minute books of a later period. 

File No. 963. 

30 COURTENAY (JANE) PAPER, 1798. litem. 

Jane Courtenay to her son John at Savannah, dated Southwark 
[England], 2 July 1798, with family and local news. 2 p. A.L.S. 

File No. 487. 

31 COWPER (BASIL) PAPERS, 1770-1779. 8 items. 

Cowper; merchant of Savannah; Loyalist in the Revolution; died in 
Jamaica 1802. 

Five of the papers, 1770-1775, relate to Cowper and Telfairs and 
the settlement of the estate of Noble Jones: promissory notes, 
payments due, etc., all receipted by N. W. Jones, Exor. without 
date. Other persons concerned are James Mackay, William Le- 
Conte, John Forbes, and Matthew Mauve. The others concern the 
settlement of accounts of Basil Cowper and William Telfair vs Ed- 
ward Telfair, 1774-1779: bonds for debt, settlement of joint 
property, etc. One paper outlines the career of Basil Cowper during 


the Revolution. Some of the papers were pubHshed in the Georgia 
Historical Quarterly, I, 34-35 (March 1917). 

File No. 179 and 180. 

32 COX (ZACHARIAH) PAPER, 1797. litem. 

Affidavit, 9 March 1797, telhng of a scheme to rob the treasury of 
Georgia, proposed to him by Mr. Fore, and asking his cooperation 
which he refused. Sworn in the presence of Governor [Jared Irwin] 
signed by Cox, and J, Meriwether, Secty. Exec. Dept. 3 p. D.S. 

File No. 183. 

33 CUTHBERT (SETH JOHN) PAPERS, 1782-1785. 8 items. 

Cuthbert (7-1788); merchant; member of Provincial Congress; 
Executive Council; Major Georgia Militia; Treasurer of Georgia. 

Six letters are to Cuthbert, from Jeremiah Kendall, and John 
Garrett, his partners, in Augusta and one is from Kendall to John 
Davison all regarding shipping produce between Augusta and 
Savannah. The other letter is from Cuthbert to Seaborn Jones, 
1785, concerning business matters. 

FileNo. 965andl91. 


Wife of Isaiah Davenport of Savannah. 

Receipt for taxes for one year dated March 1787, signed by Alexan- 
der Watt, Tax Collector. 1 p. A. D.S. 

File No. 200. 

35 DE CARADEUC PAPERS, 1751-1810. 26 items incl. 1 vol. 

Papers of the deCaradeuc family of St. Domingo, who refugeed to 
South Carolina in 1792 during the slave insurrection. Most of them 
are in French. The bound volume is a photocopy of the letters, 
memoirs and family history of General Jean Baptiste Comte de 
Caradeuc of Port au Prince and Charleston, 1771-1810, and papers 
of Jean Jacques Achille de Caradeuc of Charleston. All of the 
originals are in the Southern Historical Collection, University of 


North Carolina. The original papers in the Georgia Historical 
Society's collection are family letters, and General de Caradeuc's 
military commissions, 1771-1792, one of which bears the signature 
of Louis XVI and two are signed by Marechal de Richelieu. The 
remainder of the papers are of a later period. 

File No. 207. 

36 DELYON (ISAAC) PAPER, 1760. litem. 

Delyon (1739-?); son of Abraham and Esther Delyon who came to 
Savannah, 10 July 1733. 

Letter dated Savannah, 24 Sept. 1760, to Barnard Gratz, re ship- 
ping of goods and orders. 1 p. A.L.S. Photocopy of the original in 
the Library Company of Philadelphia. 

File No. 210. 

37 DOOLY (JOHN) PAPER, 1780. litem. 

Dooly (7-1780); Colonel of Georgia Militia in the Revolution. He 
and his family were murdered by Tories in 1780. 

Letter to Alexander McGown in Savannah dated Leesburg, August 
8, 1780, concerning payment of debt. 3 p. A.L.S. 

File No. 936. 

38 DRAYTON (STEPHEN) PAPER, 1773. litem. 

Letter to John Houstoun, St. Andrew's Parish (Georgia) 20 March 
1773, telhng of trouble with Button Gwinnett over purchase of 
land. 3 p. A.L.S. Photocopy of original in Thomas Addis Emmet 
Collection of New York Public Library. 

File No. 222. 

39 EARLY (PETER) PAPER, 1797. litem. 

Early (1773-1817); lawyer; Congressman; Circuit Judge; Governor 
of Georgia. 

Letter to Seaborn Jones, dated Wilkes County, Georgia, 23 July 
1797, in which Early discusses business matters. 2 p. A.L.S. 

File No. 965. 


40 ELBERT (SAMUEL) PAPERS, 1 776- 1 786. 4 items. 

Elbert (1740-1788); merchant of Savannah; Col. Continental Ar- 
my; Brig-General Georgia Militia; member of Provincial Congress; 
Council of Safety; Governor of Georgia. 

The collection consists of two volumes: his order book, 1776-1778, 
and his letter book, 1785-1786 which were published in the Collec- 
tions of the Georgia Historical Society, V, pt. 2 (1902), and the 
Georgia Historical Quarterly, I, 141-164 (June 1917), and letters to 
Elbert from Samuel Stirk, 1785, concerning confiscated estates, 
and from Nicholas Long and others, 1785, discussing situation in 

File No. 232. 

41 ELLIS (HENRY) PAPERS, 1757-1760. 5 items. 

Ellis (1721-1806); hydrographer; second Royal Governor of 

The papers are all photocopies. They are a poem "On Governor 
Ellis's Arrival in Georgia;" proceedings at the Court of St. James 
December 4, 1758, the King and his Council giving Ellis permission 
to leave Georgia for the summer months; letter of Edmond Atkin 
to Ellis dated Fort Moore, 1760, discussing Indian affairs in South 
Carolina and Georgia; talk by ElUs to the men and head warriors of 
the Upper and Lower Creeks to take up defense for the white 
people; talk of Ellis to Micos, head men and warriors of Creek 
nation, 1760, reporting that several traders have been killed by the 
Creeks and asking them in the future to apply to him for redress, 
rather than killing the traders, both signed by Henry Ellis. 

Source of originals unknown. 

File No. 942. 


4 items. 

Estaing (1729-1794): Vice-Admiral of France; Lt. General, Armies 
of the King; Commander-in-Chief of his most Christain Majesty's 
Forces in America; commanded allied forces at the Siege of Savan- 
nah, 1779. 


The papers are photocopies of the originals in the French Archives. 
They are: a letter to George Washington, 1778, re military and 
naval affairs; extract from the Minutes of Congress, 17 Oct. 1778, 
commending d' Estaing. There is also an engraved portrait of d' 
Estaing and a metal presentation plate, which were presented to the 
City of Savannah by Rene Giscard d' Estaing through Paul 
Claudel, Ambassador of France to the U. S. 

File No. 237. 

43 ETTWEIN (JOHN) PAPERS, 1765. litems. 

Ettwein (1721-1802); Moravian bishop, came to Savannah in the 
course of his duties as negotiator of the Moravian Church with the 
authorities of the Church in America. 

The collection consists of photocopies of a report in German to the 
Moravian Brethren, April 4 and 5, 1765, and a map of Savannah. 
With this is filed a translation of the part pertaining to the 
[Moravian] lots in Savannah, Oct. 23, 1786, to May 3, 1822, which 
contains the report at the end. 

File No. 239. 

44 FABIAN (JOHN) PAPER, 1783. 1 item. 

Fabian was a planter on St. Simons Island. 

Memorial of John Fabian, 1783, setting forth that he was 
dangerously wounded at the Siege of Savannah in 1779, again in 
August 1781, has lost most of his property; praying for financial 
assistance to help pay physicians. 2 p. D.S. Photocopy of original 
in the South CaroUna Archives. 

File No. 244. 

45 FAUCHE (JONAS) PAPER, 1795. litem. 

Fauche was Adjutant General of Georgia, 1796-1806. 

Two letters from Fauche to Col. Charles Howard, and one from 
Howard to Fauche, Oct. -Nov. 1795, which tell of the illegal 
proceedings of Dan McGirt and Elijah Clark. 4 p. foUo. Con- 
temporary copies. 

File No. 246. 


46 FAYRWEATHER (SAMUEL) PAPERS, 1743-1748. 2 items. 

Fayrweather (1725-1781); born Boston; graduate of Harvard, 1743; 
ordained Congregationalist Minister, 1753; ordained Church of 
England, 1755; Missionary of the Society for the Propagation of 
the Gospel in Foreign Parts to parishes in South Carolina; trans- 
ferred to Rhode Island and died there. 

Letter from Fayrweather dated Bethesda in Georgia, 25 May 1748, 
to Thomas Prince, giving detailed description of Bethesda. It was 
published in the Georgia Historical Quarterly, XIV, 363-366 (Dec. 
1961). With this is a broadside list of Harvard class of 1743, on the 
back of which are what appear to be notes for sermons, in the hand 
of Fayrweather. 

File No. 249. 

47 FORMAN-BRYAN-SCREVEN PAPERS, 1797-1799. 2 items. 

General Thomas Marsh Forman (1758-1845); of Maryland, whose 
daughter, Delia, married Joseph Bryan Screven (1778-1856), 
medical student in Edinburgh. 

Letter of Joshua Barney to Thomas M. Forman, Baltimore 18 Feb. 
1797, concerning a possible career at sea for the unnamed young 
man; letter from John Screven to Richard Bedon Screven, Cottage 
near Beaufort, South Carolina, 12 May 1799, with family news; ex- 
pecting him home from Edinburgh; discusses money and crops. 
These are the only 18th century papers in a collection of 226 items. 

File No. 260. 

48 FORT MADISON PAPER, 1797. litem. 

Certificate of appraisment of two block houses at Fort Madison in 
Wilkes County, Georgia, dated 18 July 1797, with diagram at- 
tached. 2 p. D.S. 

File No. 263. 

49 GALPHIN (GEORGE) PAPERS, 1767-1772. 3 vols. 

Galphin (7-1780); licensed trader to the Creek and Cherokee In- 


Account books kept at Silver Bluff on the Savannah River in South 
Carolina, Dec. 1767-Jan. 1768, Oct. 1771-2 July 1772, and 1772. 

File No. 269. 

50 GAY (ALLEN) PAPER, n.d. 1 item. 

An anonymous sketch of the life of Allen Gay of North CaroHna 
(1765-1847), which relates his career in the Revolutionary War un- 
der General Nathanael Greene. 4 p. 

File Number 275. 

CORRESPONDENCE, 1 763- 1 77 1 . 1 item 

Letter book, 8 April 1763 - January 1771. Published in the Georgia 
Historical Quarterly, XXXVI, 250-286, (Sept. 1952). 54 p. 

File No. 276. 


1774-1775, 1779-1780. 2 vols, and 59 loose items. 

Proceedings and minutes, 4 Oct. 1774 - 7 Nov. 1775, 6 Sept. 1779- 
20 Sept. 1780, published in the Georgia Historical Quarterly, 
XXXIV (Sept. 1950) through XXXV (Sept. 1951) and republished 
as Collections of the Georgia Historical Society, X (1952). The 
loose papers are the supporting papers (petitions, etc.) for the 
above minutes, and were published in the Georgia Historical Quar- 
terly, XLVI (Sept. & Dec. 1962). Many bear notations in Governor 
Wright's hand. The volume of proceedings was originally in the J. 
V. Be van papers. 

File No. 277. 


Articles of agreement between Nicholas Long, John Lewis, 
Michael Shelman, Capitol Commissioners, and Michael Schley, 
carpenter, for building a fence around the state house square, 
Louisville, 2 December 1797. 4 p. Copy of D.S. 

File No. 279. 



THE CREEK INDIANS, 1796. 1 item. 

Journal, 22 April - 23 July 1796. 153 p. 

File No. 280. 

55 GEORGIA COMPANY PAPER, 1795. litem. 

Indenture between James Gunn, Matthew McAllister, Jacob Wald- 
burger, all of Chatham Couny; George Walker, William 
Longstreet, of Augusta; Zachariah Cox of Montgomery County, 
and Wade Hampton of South Carohna selling to Thomas Young, 
Andrew McCredie, Owen Owens, John Curry, Emanuel Wam- 
bersie, Joseph Miller, Richard Wayne, James Johnston, Jr., Mat- 
thew Johnston, James Robertson, John Mclver, John Fox, Ben- 
jamin Sims of Augusta, George Ker of Charleston, South Carolina, 
part of the western territory granted to the Company by George 
Mathews Governor of Georgia, dated 13 January 1795. 2 p. Con- 
temporary copy of D. on parchment. 

File No. 299. 


Journal of the convention at Louisville, 8-29 May, 1798. 76 p. 
Published in pamphlet form in Louisville, Georgia, 1798, of which 
the Georgia Historical Society has a copy. 

File No. 281. 

57 GEORGIA COUNCIL OF SAFETY PAPERS, 1775-1777. 3 vols. 

Proceedings of the Council of Safety, 3 Nov. 1775-22 Feb. 1776, 1 1 
Dec. 1775-27 Feb. 1776, 30 April - 31 July 1776, 1 Aug. - 22 Feb. 
1777. These papers were published in Collections of the Georgia 
Historical Society, V, pt- 1- (1901) and in A. D. Candler, The 
Revolutionary Records of Georgia, I, p. 168-282 (1908) and partly 
in George White, Historical Collections of Georgia, p. 86-92 

File No. 282. 


58 GEORGIA EXECUTIVE COUNCIL, 1777-1788. 3 items. 

The collection contains the minute book, 7 May - 14 Oct. 1777, 
which was published in The Georgia Historical Quarterly, XXXIII- 
XXXIV, (Dec. 1949 - June 1950); resolutions dated Augusta, 31 
Aug. 1785, appointing Edward Telfair, William Few and James 
Jackson to attend a treaty to be held with the Creek Indians at 
Galphinton, 3 Sept. 1785 and an order, 14 June 1788, requesting a 
detail return by all counties of depredations committed by Indians 
since January, 1787. Extract from the Minutes, signed J. 
Meriwether, SEC. The Minute book was originally in the J. V. 
Bevan papers. 

File No. 284. 


2 items. 

Resolutions, 10 Dec. 1791, concerning petitions of Samuel Whatley 
for payment of a warrant; John Torrence for payment of surveying 
land for Academy of Franklin County; Mrs. Samuel Elbert in 
behalf of herself and children for the amount of bond given by 
Richard Howley for purchase of estate called "White Oak." Other 
resolutions are included in this document. 4 p. Cont. copy un- 
signed. All except one resolution is marked at the end "Con- 
curred" or "Concurred and Entd." The exception is "Ordered to 
He." With this document is certificate in behalf of William Barnett 
signed by Robert Forsyth, Augusta, Nov. 15, 1791, pertinent to last 

File No. 285. 

60 GEORGIA LAWS, STAUTES, ETC., 1798. 1 item. 

Abstract of an act to carry into effect the seventh section of the 
fourth article of the Constitution respecting insolvent debtors and 
detention of their persons in prison. The last page bears copy of a 
pertinent verse from William Cowper's "Ode to Charity" and is 
dated Savannah 13 January 1798. 19 p. D. Unsigned contemporary 

File No. 286. 




One folio containing copy of Proceedings of the Provincial 
Congress, 4-8 July 1775, and Journal of the Siege of Savannah, 
1779, from South Carolina and American General Gazette, 10 Dec. 
1779, 13 p. published in the Collections of the Georgia Historical 
Society, V, pt. 1 (1901). The proceedings covering July 4-17, 1775 
are in A. D. Candler, The Revolutionary Records of Georgia, I, p. 
229-259, (1908) and George White, Historical Collections of 
Georg/fl, p. 65-80(1854). 

File No. 287. 


Proceedings, Louisville, [Georgia] 10-14 January 1797; cases 
argued and adjudged before William Stephens, Benjamin 
Taliaferro, William Few; signed as "true copy from the record" by 
J. L. Dixon, Clk. 10 p. Copy. Whereabouts of original unknown. 

File No. 288 

GEORGIA TREASURER PAPERS, 1787, 1796-1797. 2 items. 

Statement of public accounts, 1 January 1787; and summary ab- 
stract of all monies. Federal, State, and private securities received 
and paid out of the Treasury from 22 Feb. 1796 to 10 Jan. 1797; 
signed by John Berrien, Treas. 

File No. 289 

64 GRAHAM (JOHN) PAPER, 1780. litem. 

Graham (ca. 1718-1795); Lt. Governor of Georgia; Loyalist. 

Letter to James Grierson, dat.ed Savannah 29 Nov. 1780, stating 
that conditions were not as bad as feared; sending Irish beef; the in- 
digo should have been sold in Augusta instead of Savannah. 2 p. 

File No. 320 


65 GREEN (TIMOTHY) PAPERS, 1795-1806. 18 items. 

Letters to and from Timothy Green at Worcester, Boston and New 
York, concerning Western Pine land and speculation; and the 
Georgia-Mississippi Company. Correspondents besides Green are: 
Thomas Fitzpatrick of Augusta and Columbia; Aquilla Scott of 
New York, F. Hall of Boston, Gardner Tufts and G. and F. Tufts 
of Savannah, W. B. Hilliard of Savannah, Samuel Green of 

File No. 934. 

66 GREENE (NATHANAEL) PAPER, 1781. litem. 

Greene (1742-1786); Brig-General in the Continental Army. For his 
services in the Revolutionary War, Georgia gave him Mulberry 
Grove Plantation, where he died 13 June 1786. 

Letter to [John] Rutledge, dated Headquarters at Round O [South 
Carolina] 9 Dec. 1781, re measures to force enemy to evacuate 
Charleston; speaks of possibility of using Negro troops. 7 p. Con- 
temporary copy of A.L.S. 

File No. 329. 



Muster roll of a detachment of Militia troop of dragoons of Greene 
County regiment in command of Captain Jonas Fauche. Gives 
names of officers and men and return of arms. 1 p. D.S. 

File No. 330. 

68 GWINNETT (BUTTON) PAPERS, 1771, 1777. 4 items. 

Gwinnett (1732-1777); member Provincial Congress, Continental 
Congress; Signer of the Declaration of Independence; Acting 
President and Commander-in-Chief of Georgia; died Savannah 
from wounds in duel with General Lachlan Mcintosh. 

Photocopies of a letter from Gwinnett to John Hancock, 1777 re 
taking of George Mcintosh into custody and preparation for ex- 
pedition against East Florida; three letters from Ann Gwinnett: to 
President and Members of the Continental Congress, 1777, re 


redress because of death of husband; to John Hancock, et al, 1777, 
petitioning Congress to take action against principals in Gwinnett 
Mcintosh duel; to [John Hancock] n.d., asking for redress for loss 
of husband. The letters were published in Button Gwinnett by C. F. 
Jenkins (1926). Originals in the Library of Congress. 

File No. 336. 

69 HABERSHAM (JAMES) PAPERS, 1752-1775. 31 items. 

Habersham (1712-1775); teacher at Bethesda Orphan House; mer- 
chant; Secretary of the Province; member of the Council; Acting 

Manuscript copies of two letter books, one of which is dated May- 
August 1739, written to his uncle Joseph Habersham, George 
Whitefield, John and Charles Wesley and other friends, all 
religious in nature, copied by Mary B. and Isbel C. Habersham, 
1846. The other letter book covers 1756-1775, a portion of which, 
1763-1775, was published as Collections of the Georgia Historical 
Society, VI (1904). These copies are in the hands of William Bacon 
Stevens, Joseph V. Bevan and clerks. There is also a collection of 
miscellaneous letters, the earhest of which is Geroge Whitefield to 
Habersham, 1752, concerning Bethesda. There are two letters from 
Lord Hillsborough to Habersham, 1771 and 1772, concerning 
pohtical situation in Georgia one of which was originally in the J. 
V. Bevan papers and a letter from Habersham to Mr. Berrien at 
Princeton, 1763, regarding the education of his sons. The largest 
part of the collection is 17 letters of William Knox, Colonial Agent 
in England to Habersham, 1767-1772, and four from Graham, 
Clarke and Co., 1768-1771, many in answer to those published in 
the Collections cited above. 

File No. 337 and 404. 

70 HABERSHAM (JOHN) PAPERS, 1780-1789. 6 items. 

Habersham (1744-1799); son of James Habersham; served with 
distinction in the Revolution with 1st Georgia, Continental Line, 
and rose to the rank of Major; delegate to the Continental 
Congress; Collector of the Port of Savannah. 

The letters are: from Habersham to "Your Excellency," 1779, re 
his exchange as prisoner of war (photocopy); letter of condolence 


to Mrs. Joseph Habersham, 1780, on death of her child 
(photocopy); I.F.G. to Habersham, 1780, asking for clothes and 
books to be sent to him; Habersham to Sarah Camber, his fiancee, 
1783; Timothy Barnard to Major [Patrick] Carr, 1784, re trouble 
with Indians incitied by Spaniards and Tories, (contemporary copy 
of A.L.S.) and a letter to him from his brother, Joseph, 1789, re 
meeting of the Board of Commissioners for running the line be- 
tween the state and Cherokee Nation and Indian troubles. 

File No. 338 and 965. 

71 HABERSHAM (JOSEPH) PAPERS, 1769-1801. 26 items. 

Habersham (1751-1815); son of James; Colonel in the Georgia 
Continental Line; Provincial Congress; Council of Safety; U. S. 
Postmaster General. 

The papers consist of his account book, 1769, 1780; 24 letters to his 
wife and his brother and one letter to Pierce Butler, 1775-1799. 
Those to his wife were published in 77?^ Georgia Historical Quar- 
terly, X, 144-163, (June 1926). They concern the war, business, and 
politics. Three of the letters to his wife are photocopies of originals 
in the Society of the Cincinnati papers, no. 142 this list. 

File No. 339 and 440. 

72 HALL (JOHN) PAPERS, 1793. 3 items. 

Three reports on the pine lands of Georgia made at the request of 
Dr. John Hall. The papers are signed by George Wahon, William 
Stith, Benjamin Tennille, and witnesses. 

File No. 355. 

73 HAMILTON (ALEXANDER) PAPER, 1792. litem. 

Hamilton (1757-1804); statesman; killed in duel with Aaron Burr. 

Hamilton to Richard Harrison, Philadelphia, June 14, 1792, 
granting leave of absence. 1 p. A.L.S. 

File No. 358. 


74 HAWKINS (BENJAMIN) PAPERS, 1790-1792, 1796-1813. 

16 items. 

Hawkins (1754-1816); served under Washington during the 
Revolution; Agent for Indian Affairs South of the Ohio, 1796- 

Journals, letter books, etc. published with some omissions as 
Collections of the Georgia Historical Society, IX (1916). Included 
is his Sketch of the Creek Country in the years, 1 798 and 1 799 
which was published as Collections of the Georgia Historical 
Society, III, pt. 1, (1848). A small volume of English-Indian words 
and phrases has not been published. Also in this collection are 
photocopies of five letters of Hawkins to William Blount, 1790- 
1792, originals of which are in the Library of Congress. 

File No. 373. 

75 HENRY (JAMES M.) PAPER, 1797. 1 item. 

Henry to John Harris, War Office, 11 July 1797, with orders to 
deliver to Mr. Francis 20 rifles for U. S. factory in Georgia. 1 p. 

File No. 898. 

76 HOLMES (JOHN) PAPER, 1788. litem. 

Affidavit of John Holmes that he was born a British subject and 
has continued allegiance to King George III, 28 Oct. 1788. 1 p. D.S. 

File No. 392. 

77 HOPKINS (DAVID) PAPER, 1779. litem. 

Letter to Captain Charles Sims on Tiger River, dated Headquar- 
ters, within sight of Savannah Town, Oct. 8, 1779; report on the 
bombardment of and anticipated attack on Savannah. 1 p. A.L.S. 
Photocopy of the original owned by a descendant. 

File No. 393. 

78 HOUSTON (JOHN) PAPER, 1776. litem. 

Recommendation of Dr. John Houston of Philadelphia as surgeon 
to a battalion, 15 Feb. 1776. Signed by Thomas Cadwallader, W. 


Thigpen, Jr., A. Kuhn, B. Rush. 1 p. D.S. Photocopy. Dr. John 
Houston was not of the Houstoun family of Georgia. 

File No. 433. 

79 HOUSTOUN (JOHN) PAPERS, 1773-1792. 11 items. 

Houstoun (1744-1796); member Provincial Congress; member 
Continental Congress; Revolutionary soldier; Governor of 
Georgia; judge. 

Papers concern legal, political and plantation matters, troubles 
with Button Gwinnett, conditions in and the capture of Savannah, 
Indian affairs, land lottery of 1784, building of the town of 
Houstounborough. Letters to Houstoun are from George Walton, 
Peter Taarling, James Habersham, David Rees, John Hill, and the 
Fat King. Letters by Houstoun are to George Walton, William 
Stevens, Major-General Benjamin Lincoln, Samuel Huntington, 
President of the Congress. Several of the papers are copies of the 
originals in the Library of Congress and the New York Public 

File No. 397 and 965. 

80 HOWE (ROBERT) PAPERS, 1778-1779. 17 items. 
Howe (1732-1785); Major-General, Continental Army. 

Letters of Howe to: John Houstoun, Governor of Georgia; Col. 
Samuel Elbert; General Benjamin Lincoln; and Henry Laurens, 2 
Feb. 1778-6 Feb. 1779; and one letter of John White to General 
Howe, 1778. All letters deal with the military situation. The letter 
to General Lincoln describes the capture of Savannah by the 
British. Photocopies of the originals in the paper of the Con- 
tinental Congress, Library of Congress. 

File No. 400. 

81 HOWLEY (RICHARD) PAPERS, 1780-1782. 3 items. 

Howley (1740-1784), planter; lawyer; member of the Continental 
Congress; Governor of Georgia and Chief Justice. 


The collection consists of letters to Howley from John White, 1780, 
re his (Howley's) election as Governor of Georgia; from George 
Melvin, 1781, re his account against Walton for expenses to 
Baltimore; and from General Nathanael Greene, 1782, regarding 
the purchase he made for Greene at a public sale. 

File No. 402 and 649. 

82 HUNTINGTON (SAMUEL) PAPER, 1779. litem. 

Huntington (1731-1796); President Continental Congress; Signer 
of the Declaration of Independence; Governor of Connecticut. 

A petition to Huntington, dated St. Johns, Antigua, 16 Dec. 1779, 
from some Georgia prisoners of war, stating their case and ex- 
periences, and asking to be exchanged. 2 p. Unsigned. 

File No. 410. 

83 INGLIS (JOHN) PAPERS, 1779, 1785. 2 items. 

Inghs, merchant of Savannah. 

Bill of lading. Savannah, 1785 (?) for 73 casks of sago powder con- 
signed to John Nutt at London on the William, and a letter from S. 
H. Jenkins, 1779, re affairs in Georgia and America. 

File No. 415. 

84 IRWIN (JARED) PAPERS, 1794-1797. 6 items. 

Irwin (1751-1818); Revolutionary soldier; President of Georgia 
Senate; Governor of Georgia; Brig-General of Georgia Militia. 

Four of the letters concern military affairs during the Indian 
troubles of 1794 and 1796. One is general orders, two are letters to 
Elijah Clarke promising a free pass for him and his people, another 
commending him for his exertions on frontiers. The other two 
papers are a letter to the President of the Senate and Speaker of the 
House, 1797, discussing matters of state and the fire in Savannah, 
and a notice to the Justices of the Inferior Court of Chatham 
County, 1797, authorizing them to administer oath to Edward 
Jones as Justice of the Peace. 

File No. 965 and 417. 


85 JACKSON (JAMES) PAPERS, 1781-1798. 26 items. 

Jackson (1757-1806); Georgia House of Representatives; 
Congressman; U. S. Senator; Revolutionary soldier; Governor of 

These papers relate to his Revolutionary War service and Indian 
troubles in the late 1790's, legal, poHtical and personal affairs. 
They were published in the Georgia Historical Quarterly, XXXVII 
(1953) and reprinted as Collections of the Georgia Historical 
Society, XI (1955). A calendar of these papers is available. 

File No. 422. 

86 JOHNSON (JOHN) PAPERS, 1791-1792. 7 items. 

Johnson managed Bethesda Orphan House and plantation, 1791- 
1792; returned to England and died in 1804. 

The Official Journal, 11 Sept. 1791 - 10 March 1792 and a letter 
book, Jan. 1791 - 29 Jan. 1792, giving a description of the state's 
take over of Bethesda Orphan House in 1792, were published in the 
Georgia Historical Quarterly, I, p. 108-134 (June 1917). Included in 
this collection are a certified copy of George Whitefield's will and 
various contemporary newspaper clippings re Bethesda. 

File No. 430. 

87 JOHNSON (THOMAS) PAPERS, 1779-1795. 4 items. 

Johnson (1732-1800); member of the Continental Congress; Brig- 
General Maryland Militia and Governor of Maryland. 

Letters of thanks from the General Assembly of Maryland and his 
reply, 1779; two letters from General Washington offering ap- 
pointments to Supreme Court, 1791, and Secretary of State, 1795. 
Copies presented to the Georgia Historical Society by his grand- 
nephew, John R. Johnson, 1875. 

File No. 432. 

88 JONES (JOHN) PAPERS, 1798. 3 items. 

John Jones was a Colonial of Georgia MiUtia during the 


Letters from Col. John Jones to the Governor of Georgia [James 
Jackson] 11 Feb. 1798, 14 March 1798, 26 Feb. 1798, re Indian 
troubles and militia affairs. Photocopies of originals in private 

File No. 441. 

89 JONES (SAMUEL AND THOMAS) PAPERS, 1789, 1790, 1798. 

3 items. 

Letter from Cradock Burnel to the Rev. Mr. Thomas Jones, Savan- 
nah, 21 March 1789, personal and business; bill of lading, gun- 
powder shipped in schooner Polly by Robert Henderson to John 
Marshall at Savannah, Philadelphia 20 July 1790; and a letter from 
Abner Davis to Samuel Jones, D. D. Montgomery County, 
Georgia, 9 June 1798, re agricultural conditions in Georgia. 

File No. 444 

90 JONES FAMILY PAPERS, 1760-1761, 1781-1799. 13 items. 

Papers of Noble Jones (ca. 1701-1775), Noble Wimberly Jones (ca. 
1725-1805) and George Jones (1766-1838), leaders in the Colonial, 
Revolutionary and post-Revolutionary periods. 

The Noble Jones papers are a ms. love poem apparently written in 
the early 1720's to Sarah Hack who became his wife in 1723; seven 
letters to his son Noble Wimberly Jones at Fort St. John, 14 July, 
1760 - 29 Jan. 1761, concerning family affairs, Indian troubles on 
the Carolina-Georgia frontier, French and Indian War, pohtics. Six 
are in one folio and are copies of non-extant originals; the letter of 
July 24, 1760, is original. The copies were originally in the J. V. 
Bevan papers. 

The Noble Wimberly Jones papers are a letter from Samuel Stirk, 
1781, re political affairs; 2 letters from his son George, 1788, and 
1799 (photocopy), re Indian depredations in the Midway area and 
family affairs. 

The George Jones papers are his letters to Joseph Gibbons, 1796, 
and William Page, 1799, and letters to him from Jonathan Homer, 
1796, John Y. Noel, 1796, relating to family, personal, business, 
and legal affairs; and Resolutions from the Citizen Electors of 
Chatham County, 1796, appointing a Committee to consider and 


draw resolutions on "insults offered to one of our representatives 
in the late legislature." 

With a few exceptions the above collections were published in 
Collections of the Georgia Historical Society, XVII (1976). 

FileNo. 439, 440, 965. 

91 KEATING (EDWARD) PAPER, 1766. litem. 

Keating to John Douglass at Morton Hall, dated Augusta, 1 
December 1766, re business matters. 1 p. A.L.S. 

File No. 454. 

92 KELLY (FRANCIS JOHN ?) PAPER, 1779. 1 item. 

"Reference to plan 2D," daily account of movement of British 
troops under General Prevost from Ebenezer, Georgia, to Port 
Royal, South Carolina, with accounts of engagements along route. 
10 p. Photocopy of the original in the Henry E. Huntington 

FileNo. 937. 

93 KING (MARK) PAPER, 1782. 1 item. 

Deposition of King, deserter from Savannah belonging to Major 
Wright's Corps, giving number of soldiers, ships fortifications, etc. 
in Savannah, and plans for defense against expected siege. 2 p. 
Rough draft. Unsigned. 

File No. 462. 

94 KOLLOCK (LEMUEL) PAPERS, 1793-1799. 21 items. 

Kollock (1766-1823); prominent physician in Savannah. 

The letters are mainly from other physicians, and contain much of 
early history of medicine and business. See Georgia Historical 
Quarterly, XXII, 331-368 (Dec. 1938) for a biographical sketch of 
Dr. Kollock. 

FileNo. 965 and 468. 



Lafayette (1757-1834); enlisted in the Continental Army with the 
rank of Major-General; second in command to General 

Letter to General Knox, dated Paris, 26 Nov. 1786, paying tribute 
to General Nathanael Greene. 2 p. A.L.S. 

File No. 902. 

96 LAURENS (JOHN) PAPER, 1779. litem. 

Laurens (1755-1782); son of Henry Laurens; Lt. Colonel in the 
Continental Army as Aide-de-Camp to General Washington; mor- 
tally wounded in action near Combahee Ferry, South Carolina. 

Photocopy of a letter to Henry Laurens, Charles Town, 23 Oct. 
1779, reporting on the military situation. 4 p. A.L.S. Original in 
the New York Public Library. 

File No. 483. 

97 LEAKE (RICHARD) PAPERS, 1780-1801 . 3 items. 

Leake came to Georgia in 1774; Loyalist during the Revolution; af- 
terwards resumed planting on Jekyll and St. Simons Islands. 

Plantation journal, 1786-1801, giving information on planting of 
sea island cotton, prices of crops, seeds, slaves, the raising and 
marketing of cattle, and personal accounts. Legal papers, 1780- 
1785, are also in the collection. 

File No. 965, 649, (Photocopy of 965 in file 845). 

LIBERTY COUNTY PAPERS, 1789, 1792, 1797. 3 items. 

Payroll of first division of Captain John Mcintosh's Co. in bat- 
talion of Militia of Liberty Co., 1789; return of the battalion of 
Liberty Co., commanded by Colonel Daniel Stewart, Lt. Colonel 
William Mcintosh, Jr., Major Simon Eraser, 22 Feb. 1792; and a 
statement that marsh lands of Liberty and Mcintosh Counties are 


suitable for cultivation of rice, Indian corn, cotton, hemp, indigo, 
tobacco, sugar cane, and most small grains, 14 April 1797. 

File No. 494. 

99 LINCOLN (BENJAMIN) PAPER, 1778. 1 item. 

Lincoln (1733-1810); Major-General in the Continental Army; with 
Comte d'Estaing at Seige of Savannah, 1779, and later Secretary of 

Photocopy of a letter to [John Wereat] 1778, telling of the capture 
of Savannah by the British forces, 29 Dec. 1778. 1 p. A.L.S. 
Original in the Library of Congress. 

File No. 495. 

1(X) List of subscribers and amounts paid for relief of two ladies and a 
young child captured by pirates on their passage from Matanzas to 
New Providence and relieved of all their money, clothing, bedding, 
etc. 1 p.N.d. Probably late 18th century. 

File No. 965. 

101 LOYALISTS PAPERS, 1782. 2 items. 

A statement of some Georgia Loyalist of their misfortunes, and a 
petition to Governor Wright for assistance, which contains much 
of the history of the Revolution in Georgia, Georgia's agricultural 
resources and produce, and a list of South Carolinians who were 
banished and their estates confiscated, Jacksonborough [South 
Carolina] Assembly, 1782. 

File No. 506. 

102 LYNAH (JAMES) PAPERS, 1776-1796. 5 items. 

Lynah (ca. 1735-1809); physican; Surgeon in Revolution. 

These papers are: letter of Casimir Pulaski to Lynah, 1779 (L.S.) 
thanking him for bottle of bitters; Commissions of James Lynah as 
surgeon Berkeley County, South Carolina Regiment, 1776; and as 
surgeon in South Carolina Regiment of Light Dragoons, 1779; let- 


ter of Alexander Hamilton to Lynah, 1792 (L.S.) enclosing in- 
struction to collectors of customs; statement in hand of Dr. Lynah, 
1796, with history of signet ring worn by Charles I on day of his 
execution given to Lynah by John Lampe, great-grandson of 
executioner (photocopy). The ring and the original of this 
statement are now in the King Charles Museum in London. The 
grape-shot that mortally wounded Pulaski and which was extracted 
from the wound by Dr. Lynah and a scrap of Pulaski's silk vest are 
in the collection. 

File No. 509. 

103 McAllister (MATTHEW) PAPER, 1789. litem. 

McAllister (1758-1823); prominent lawyer; judge. 

Letters patent appointing Matthew McAllister, U.S. Attorney for 
District of Georgia, issued and signed by George Washington, 26 
Sept. 1789. 1 p. A.D.S. Photocopy of original in the possession of 

File No. 511 

104 McINTOSH (JOHN, JR.) PAPERS, 1783-1789. 5 items. 

Son of General Lachlan Mcintosh; planter; died 1792. 

The papers consist of three letters to him from George Baillie, Jr., 
1783-1784, re plantation management and family matters; one 
from Donald McBean, 1785, wishing him success in undertakings; 
and another from Samuel Gray, 1789, re horses and proof of 

File No. 525. 

105 McINTOSH (LACHLAN) PAPERS, 1763, 1767, 1774-1799. 

77 items. 

Mcintosh (1725-1806); Revolutionary soldier; planter; .son of John 
Mcintosh Mohr, leader of the Scots group that settled in Georgia, 

These papers are largely concerned with his career in the 
Revolution as Colonel of 1st Georgia Continental Line and Brig.- 


General Continental Army, his efforts to clear his name of false ac- 
cusations brought about by political intrigue and attempts to 
collect money owed by the U. S. for his services. Included are some 
family letters. These have been published in the Georgia Historical 
Quarterly. XXXVI I I-XL (June 1954 - June 1956) and reprinted as 
Collections of the Georgia Historical Society, XII (1957) except 
five items acquired later, which are: "A list of Carolina grants 
south of the Altamaha," 1763; letter of Mcintosh to Henry 
Laurens, re slaves and rice crop on his (Laurens's) plantation in 
Georgia, 1777; pay roll of 3d North Carolina Regiment at Valley 
Forge, 1778; a list of slaves sold and to whom, not dated; and rules 
and regulations for the government of the Georgia State Society of 
the Cincinnati, unsigned but bearing notations in Mcintosh's hand, 
ca. 1783. In addition there are photocopies of Mcintosh papers at 
various libraries and historical societies. Most of the papers in the 
Georgia Historical Society's collection were originally in the J. V, 
Bevan papers. A calendar of these papers is available. 

File No. 526 and 649. 


No. of items unknown. 

The 18th century manuscripts in this collection consist of the 
papers of Robert Mackay, Sr. and Jr., 1775-1816, most of which 
were published as Letters of Robert Mackay to his Wife, 1795- 
1816, ed. by W. C. Hartridge (1949); letters of John McQueen, 
father of Mrs. Robert Mackay, Jr., 1779-1830, most of which were 
published in Letters of Don Juan McQueen, 1779-1830, ed. W. C. 
Hartridge (1943); letters and papers of John McQueen, Sr. (Don 
Juan McQueen) which are photocopies of letters to him from Com- 
te d'Estaing, 1786 and n.d.; and from the Marquis de Lafayette, 
originals of which are in the possession of descendants; letters and 
papers of John McQueen, Jr., 1785-1804, relating to the estate of 
his father, and other business and family letters to and from him; 
letters of Mary Smith Cowper, Margaret Cowper (later Mrs. John 
McQueen, Jr.), and Mary Ann Cowper, the wife and daughters of 
Basil Cowper, 1791-1817. 

File No. 965 and 538. 



1 item. 

Letter to her brother Thomas from a plantation in Virginia, 15 
June 1755, telling of outhouses burned by marauders. General 
Braddock and staff camped on the plantation on the way to join 
Colonel Washington, and family news. 4 p. Copy, whereabouts of 
original unknown. 

File No. 965 

108 MARTIN (JOHN) PAPERS, 1782. 4 items. 

Martin (1730-1786); member of Provincial Congress; Council of 
Safety; Lt. Colonel of 7th Battalion Georgia Line; Governor of 
Georgia, Treasurer of Georgia. 

Thecollectionconsistsof a letter book, 11 Jan. 1782 -22 Oct. 1782, 
which was published in the Georgia Historical Quarterly, I, 281-335 
(Dec. 1917); and three letters: William Gibbons to Martin, 1782, 
notifying him of his appointment as Governor and Martin's reply; 
Stephen Heard to Martin, 1782, reporting that the Indians wish to 
make peace with Americans. The letter book was originally in the 
J. V. Bevan papers. 

File No. 543. 

109 MATHEWS (GEORGE) PAPERS, 1794-1795. 7 items. 

Mathews (ca. 1739 - 1812); Colonel in Virginia Regiment during the 
Revolution and Brig. -General in the Georgia Militia; Represen- 
tative in first Congress; twice Governor of Georgia. 

These papers are Mathews' instructions to Hyacinte Perrault acting 
engineer in service of the U.S. re fortifications in Charleston and 
Georgetown, South Carolina, and Savannah and St. Marys in 
Georgia; Perrault' s reply recommending Isadore Stouf of Savan- 
nah for work at Savannah and St. Marys, April 1794, and five let- 
ters concerning the movements of Elijah Clark, 1794-1795. The 
writers are John Y. Noel, Henry Knox, James Seagrove, and Jonas 

File No. 549. 


110 MATLACK (TIMOTHY) PAPER, 1781. litem. 

Matlack (? - 1829); Revolutionary patriot; state official, merchant; 
Assistant to Sec. Continental Congress. 

A letter to (Robert ?) Morris, dated Philadelphia, 20 July 1781, en- 
closing the accounts of Archibald Lochry. 1 p. A.L.S. 

File No. 550. 

1 1 1 MILLEDGE (JOHN) PAPER, 1787. 1 item. 

Milledge (1757-1818); Attorney-General of Georgia; Governor of 
Georgia; U. S. Senator. 

Receipt from Major Richard Call for two horses. 1 p. A.D.S. 
File No. 965. 

112 MINIS (PHILIP) PAPERS, 1777, 1779. 2 items. 

First white male born in the Georgia Colony, 10 July 1733, son of 
Abraham and Abigail Minis; merchant of Savannah; died 1789. 

The papers are a Certificate dated Charles Town, South CaroHna, 
17 Feb. 1777, and a letter from Minis to John Houstoun, dated 
Charles Town, 31 Dec. 1779, both concerning money and 
provisions supplied to the Continental troops, and are copies of 
originals in possession of a descendant. 

File No. 566. 

113 MINIS FAMILY PAPERS, 1768-1793. 1vol. 

One volume entitled Minis Colonial Papers, 1768, which contains a 
history of the Minis family, and nine letters and documents from 
1776-1793, dealing with personal and business affairs. Correspon- 
dents are Abigail Minis and Philip Minis. 

File No. 568. 

1 14 MITCHELL (DAVID BRYDIE) PAPER, 1796. 1 item. 

Mitchell (1766-1837); native of Scotland; Solicitor-General; 
representative in legislature; Major-General of 1st division of 


Georgia Militia; Indian Agent; Mayor of Savannah; twice Gover- 
nor of Georgia. 

Letter to James Mossman, May 7, 1796, concerning the case of 
John Skye Eustace and James Mossman; Leonard and John Cecil 
are mentioned. 

File No. 569. 

115 MOORE (SUSANNAH BOLTON) PAPERS, 1774-1802. 24 items. 

Mrs. Moore (1748-1810), daughter of Robert and Susannah Mauve 
Bolton, was the widow of William Moore. These papers relate to 
her business as a shopkeeper in Savannah. 

File No. 917. 

116 NICOLL (ABIMAEL YOUNGS) PAPERS, 1792-1795. 6 vols. 

Nicoll (1775-1862); Army officer. 

The volumes are orderly books, weekly returns, and provision 
returns for Fort Fidius. 

File No. 587. 

117 NOEL (JOHN YOUNG) PAPERS, 1796-1797. 6 items. 

Noel (ca, 1752-1817); prominent lawyer; Mayor of Savannah. 

The papers all pertain to the fire of 1796 in Savannah and are Acts 
by the Pennsylvania and South Carolina legislatures to aid the suf- 
ferers. Resolutions of the City Council, memorials and a letter 
from Noel to an unnamed person. 

File No. 588. 

118 O'FALLON (JAMES) PAPER, 1791. litem. 

Formerly Fallon (1749-1794?), a physician; Revolutionary soldier; 
poUtical adventurer. 

Letter dated at Harrodsburg, 22 May 1791, to Judge Henry Os- 
borne (at Augusta ?) tells of the settlement of the Western Lands, 


the work of General (George Rogers) Clark and his (O'Fallon's) 
marriage to Frances Eleanor Clark. 16 p. A.L.S. 

File No. 593. 


7 items. 

Oglethorpe (1696-1785); founder of Georgia; member of 
Parliament; General in British Army. 

The collection consists of manuscript and photocopies from the 
British Public Record Office and British Musuem and other in- 
stitutions; a letter book, 1735-1744, which was published in the 
Collections of the Georgia Historical Society, III, p. 1-156 (1873); 
letter to (Sir Hans Sloan ?) dated Savannah in Georgia, 1733, 
saying that he had not the time to collect plant specimens or to 
write an account of the peace; extract of the minutes of the meeting 
of the town council of Inverness, 1735, admitting Oglethorpe as 
Guild brother. Captain George Dunbar as proxy; letter from A.B. 
to unnamed person (1740?) accusing Oglethorpe of designing with 
the French, Spanish, Indians and mulattoes in America; and a 
photocopy of a Ranger's report of travels with General Oglethorpe 
in Georgia and Florida, 1739-1742, including a trip to the Indian 
assembly at Coweta and the St. Augustine expedition, which was 
published in Travels in the American Colonies, ed. by N. D. 
Mereness (N.Y., 1916); letters of Oglethorpe to the Rev. Mr. (Bolt- 
zius) and Harman Verelst, 1741, re a minister and teacher for the 
Salzburgers and incidental notes about the Indians and a 
photocopy of appointment of John Milledge as Quartermaster of a 
troop of EngHsh Rangers, with duties listed, 1743, signed by 
Oglethorpe and Francis Moore. Whereabouts of originals of these 
last items unknown. 

File No. 595, 965 and 561. 


This collection consists of the papers bought by Mr. Parson's 
father at the auction of I. K. Tefft autograph collection in 1869. 
The ten 18th century manuscripts date 1759-1798. They are: four 
letters of Arthur Carney to John Houstoun, 1773, re purchase of 
cattle; two to Lachlan Mcintosh, March and Sept. 1776, con- 
cerning the difficulty of recruiting: receipt on account of Mrs. 


William and John LeConte, 1774; Thomas Chisholm to Lachlan 
Mcintosh dated Fort Harrington, 1776, reporting on conditions of 
fort; Pay bill for HMS Prince George, stationed at Frederica, 1759- 
1760; the Public of Georgia in account with Levi Sheftall, 1776, for 
beef supplied and delivered to schooner and Indians; Joseph 
Habersham to Joseph Clay, 1798, expressing sympathy on the 
death of Clay's son, James, and mentioning French Louisiana In- 
dian situation and Talleyrand and his accusations against General 
Pinckney; Commodore Andrew Barclay to Captains IngUs and 
Wardell, 1776, on the Hinchenbrook on the Savannah River saying 
they have been taken prisoner and assuring him of their innocence; 
letter of John Copp to Major John Houstoun, Secretary of the 
Georgia Society of the Cincinnati dated Savannah, 31 March 1788, 
applying for membership and mentioning Governor Clinton and 
Captain Schermerhorn. A calendar of this collection is available. 

File No. 608. 


2 vols. 

Petit de Villers (1761-1841); Savannah merchant. 

Two letter books, one of which is dated August-Sept. 1798, Jan.- 
Feb. 1799, and the other 25 Feb. -24 April 1801. These volumes, in 
French, relate to his business affairs. 

File No. 614. 


Pinckney (1746-1825); member of South CaroHna Provincial 
Assembly and Congress; Revolutionary soldier; diplomat. 

Letter from Wilhelm & Willink, Amsterdam, to Pinckney in Paris, 
1798, re account of Schutt; mentions Department of State. 

File No. 649. 

123 PORTER (THOMAS) PAPER, 1785. litem. 

Certificate of service of Lt. Thomas Porter in 2nd Regiment Con- 
tinental Army, Georgia, entitling him to land bounty, dated 16 


Feb. 1785, endorsed by General Lachlan Mcintosh. 2 p. A.D.S. 
File No. 965. 

124 PORTER PAPER, 1785. litem. 

Letter of Robert Liston to Mrs. Elizabeth Wemyss, dated Aber- 
down, 2 Feb. 1785, which gives her husband's (William) birth date 
and marriage record of his parents George and Margaret 
(Feiggins). 2 p. A.L.S. This is the only 18th century item in a collec- 
tion of papers of the Porter family of England, one of whom, 
Margaret, came to Savannah in 1850. 

File No. 626. 

125 PRESTON (HENRY) PAPER, 1776. litem. 

Preston was the Joint Prothonotary; died ca. 1783. 

Narrative relative to the demand for the keys to the Court House by 
the representatives of the Provincial Congress and their taking 
away the records, dated Savannah, Georgia 25th January 1776. 6 p. 
Ms. D. 

File No. 634. 

126 PRESTON (WILLIAM) PAPER, 1756. litem. 

Diary of the Sandy Creek expedition, 9 Feb. -13 March 1756, Fort 
Prince George, South CaroHna, into Virginia, giving description of 
the country, etc. 17 p. Photocopy of typed copy; whereabouts of 
the original unknown. 

File No. 636. 

127 PULASKI (CASIMIR) PAPERS, 1776-1778. 2 items. 

Pulaski (1748-1779); native of Poland; authorized by Continental 
Congress to raise a cavalry corps which took part in several 
engagments; received a mortal wound at the attack on Savannah, 
October 9, 1779. 

Two letters, one requesting permission to leave France for 
America, 1776, and another to unknown person, 1778, discussing 
campaign plans. These letters are in French; the 1778 letter is 


owned by the Georgia Historical Society and was published in the 
Georgia Historical Quarterly, XIII, pp. 193-197 (Sept. 1929). The 
1776 letter is a copy of the original in the French Archives. 

File No. 640. 

128 RASBERRY(THOMAS) PAPER, 1758-1761. 1vol. 

Rasberry came to Georgia ca. 1751; died Savannah 1762; mer- 
chant; member of the Commons House of Assembly. 

Letter book, 1758-1761, which relates to his business as a mer- 
chant. It was published in the Georgia Historical Quarterly, XL- 
XLII, (Sept. 1956-Sept. 1958) and reprinted as Collections of the 
Georgia Historical Society, XIII (1959). 

File No. 647. 

129 READ (JACOB) PAPERS, 1775-1810. 15 items. 

Read (1751-1816); lawyer; planter; Colonel in S.C. Militia in the 
Revolution, later Brig. -General; delegate to Continental Congress; 
served in S. C. House and Senate; U. S. Senator; U. S. District 
Court Judge in S.C. 

There are ten 18th century letters, all except one addressed to Read, 
in the collection, as follows: Hannah Vincent (Mrs. Thomas Vin- 
cent), London, August 4, 1775, mentioning her claim to land in 
Georgia, trouble between America and Great Britain and 
McGillivrary's return to Georgia; Le Droit de Bussy, Philadelphia, 
24 Oct. 1783; re his claim to property in Charleston allegedly 
taken from him by fraud; Alexander Moultrie [Charleston] Feb. 
25, 1788, re Oliphant vs. Singleton in Chancery; R. P. Saunders 
[Charleston] 15 Sept. 1788, respecting Mr. Glen's suit against him; 
James Stuart to Thomas Winstanly, c/o Mr. Read, Beaufort, S.C, 
11 Aug. 1789, re account of James Leeson; WilHam Robertson 
[Charleston] 3 March, 1794, stating that Alexander Rose had paid 
debt and costs in case of St. Cecelia Society vs. Spence and Walter; 
two letters of Benjamin Moodie, Charleston, Jan. 4 and Jan. 11, 
1796, saying he is sending him all the papers respecting the ap- 
pealed causes from Georgia and Charleston and requesting that 
Mr. Tilghman and Mr. Hamilton be retained for him if Read ap- 
proves; WiUiam Payne, Charleston, 19 March 1796, re unredeemed 


debt due him by Alexander Moultrie; Thomas Simons, Charleston, 
Nov. 2, 1797, mentions birth of daughter, marriage of Major 
Pinckney to Mrs. Middleton, James, violent contest be- 
tween the wharf owners and Collector. 

File No. 649. 

130 REYNOLDS (JOHN) PAPERS, 1754. 2 items. 

Reynolds (1713-1788); British naval officer; first Royal Governor 
of Georgia, 1754-1757. 

These are the commissions of Reynolds from George II, as Captain 
General and Governor in Chief of Georgia (1754), and as Vice Ad- 
miral Commissary and Deputy in office of Vice Admiralty in 
Province of Georgia, 1754, both of which are certified copies of 
originals in the Georgia Department of Archives and History. 

File No. 657. 

1 3 1 ROBERTSON (JAMES) PAPER, 1 794. 1 item. 

Robertson (? - 1803); merchant of Savannah. 

Commission to Robertson as captain of a volunteer company of 
Artillery in the Chatham County Regiment of Militia, 26 August 
1794, signed by George Mathews, Governor of Georgia, and John 
Milton, Secretary. 1 p. D.S. 

File No. 663. 

132 SAVANNAH GRAND JURY PAPER, 1737. 1 item. 

Presentment, Sept. 1, 1737; grievances against Isaac Young, 
Thomas Causton, Noble Jones, and John Wesley; condition of 
public roads; need for servants; expense of physical and medical 
care; need for town wharf and crane; condition of light house at 
Tybee. 4 p. 18th century copy of D.S. , incomplete. 

File No. 690. 



1 item. 

Petition of 76 merchants and planters of Savannah to the Senate 
and House of Representatives for the establishment of a bank in 
Savannah, 23 Dec. 1795, signed by the leading Savannahians of the 
day. 5 p. D.S. 

File No. 699. 

134 SAVANNAH PORT RECORDS, 1765-1786, 1791, 1799. 4 items. 

List of ships and vessels entered inwards and cleared outwards at 
the port of Savannah, 5 Jan. -5 July 1767, which was originally in 
the J. V. Bevan papers and was partially published in the Letters of 
Joseph Clay, Collections of the Georgia Historical Society, VIII 
(1913); Exports for 14 Feb. -30 Dec. 1786, listing vessels, masters, 
clearances, cargoes not specified; photocopies of originals in the 
Georgia Department of Archives and History of manifests of sloop 
Friendship, 1791, and of the ship Shepherdess, 1799, both of which 
were bound for New York, with cargoes of molasses, tobacco, 
tallow, sugar, coffee, cotton, pimento, hats, saddles; both are 
signed by John Habersham, Collector and Lachlan Mcintosh, 
Naval Officer. 

File No. 704. 

135 SCARBROUGH (WILLIAM) PAPER, 1796. litem. 

Scarbrough (1776-1838); Savannah merchant; principal owner of 
the S. S. Savannah, the first steamship to cross the Atlantic. 

Letter, dated London, 15 May 1796, to his sister, Mrs. Eliza Gillett, 
commenting on London and family news. 3 p. A.L.S. 

File No. 965. 

136 SCREVEN (JAMES) PAPERS, 1777-1784. 2 items. 

Screven (1750-1778); member of Provincial Congress; Council of 
Safety; Brig. /General in Georgia Militia. Killed 22 Nov. 1778 at the 
battle of Midway. 


The collection consists of a letter to A. B. [presumably Archibald 
Bulloch] 1777, reporting on the military situation, original in the 
Historical Society of Pennsylvania, and a Resolution of the 
Georgia House of Assembly, 1784, for the grant of 1,000 acres to 
Screven's two daughters, because of their father's distinguished 
service during the Revolutionary War. 

File No. 715. 


Charge to the grand jury, Scriven [sic] County, 21 Feb. 1795. 2 p. 

File No. 718. 

138 SHEFTALL (LEVI) PAPERS, 1776, 1786, 1796. 3 items. 

Sheftall (1739-1809); son of Benjamin Sheftall; U. S. Agent for 

Public of Georgia in account with Sheftall for beef supplied Liber- 
ty schooner and Indians, 1776; cancelled promissory note to 
Harris & Delyon, 1786, and a statement from Moses Sheftall for 
drugs, 1796. 

File No. 649. 

139 SHEFTALL (MORDECAI) PAPERS, 1780-1796. 4 items. 

Mordecai, born 2 Dec. 1735, son of Benjamin and Elizabeth Shef- 
tall, who immigrated to Georgia. He [Mordecai] served as 
Magistrate of Chatham County, Deputy Commissioner of Issues 
for Continental Troops in Georgia. In 1779 he was taken prisoner 
and exchanged in 1780. Sheftall died in Savannah, 6 July 1797. 

The papers consist of a memorandum that he presented his parole 
at Antigua, 1780; memorial to President of Congress, stating his 
service during the war, 1780 (?); delegates of Georgia requesting the 
court to arrange evidence to be taken in case of General Howe, 
1782; and photocopies of memorials to General Assembly of 
Georgia, 1796, asking for relief for money and supplies he fur- 
nished to militia and statement of war services. 

File No. 725. 


140 SHEFTALL(SHEFTALL) PAPERS, 1781, 1796. litems. 

Sheftall Sheftall (1762-1847); son of Mordecai Sheftall; served as 
Assistant Deputy Commissioner of Issues, Continental Troops in 
Georgia, 1778; taken prisoner 1779 and exchanged 1780; served un- 
til end of the Revolution. 

The papers in this collection are a warrant for $3,647.68/90 in gold 
and silver to be dehvered to General Moultrie, 1781, and a 
deposition of Sheftall outhning his war services and asking relief 
for his losses, 1796(7). 

File No. 726. 

141 SMITH (TIMEON) PAPER, 1773. litem. 

Bill of lading for codfish, pickle and oil shipped on the Sally from 
Gaspe bound for Rhode Island. Dated in Gaspe 28 July 1773; 
signed George Arnold, Master. 1 p. D.S. 

File No. 743. 

GEORGIA PAPERS, 1778-1789. 

8 items. 

Papers of Major John Lucas, Treasurer of the Georgia Society, 
1785-1789 (4 items); inventory of his estate, 1789, signed by Samuel 
M. Webb, George Mathews, Ab. Thomas, and three papers con- 
cerning Society business; three letters of Joseph Habersham to his 
wife, 1778, re fighting on the Florida frontier which were published 
in the Georgia Historical Quarterly, X, pp. 147-150 (June 1926); 
letter of John Habersham to "Your Excellency," 1779, suggesting 
that he be exchanged for Colonel Munro, a prisoner of the U. S. 

File No. 964. 

143 SOLOMON'S LODGE A &FM PAPERS, 1735, 1771. 2 items. 

The Lodge is the second oldest Masonic Lodge in America. 

The items are the rules and by-laws of Solomon's Lodge, 5735, 
bearing signatures of the members and a letter from William 


Young, Master of Solomon's Lodge to an unnamed Brother, dated 
Savannah, 5771, asking that Noble Jones be appointed Grand 
Master of the Province. These are photocopies of the originals in 
the Grand Lodge Library of London. 

File No. 940. 


3 items. 

Two manuscripts issued by the U.S. Supreme Court regarding the 
suit of the Company against the state of Georgia and a pamphlet 
containing copy of the bill in equity and exhibits; bears note "Alex 
Moultrie and others vs. State of Georgia in Equity, 1796." 

File No. 748. 

145 SPALDING (JAMES) PAPER, 1775. litem. 

Spalding (ca. 1734-1794), native of Scotland; member of the 
Colonial House of Assembly; Loyalist in the Revolution; Represen- 
tative from Glynn County. 

Letter to unnamed person, dated Sapelo 17 December 1775, 
requesting 600 bushels of corn; hopes rumors of burnings and stop- 
page of the export of rice are false. 4 p. A.L.S. 

File No. 749. 

146 STEPHENS (WILLIAM) PAPERS, 1781,1 790. 2 items. 

Stephens (1752-1819); son of Newdigate Stephens and Frances 
Milledge Stephens and grandson of William Stephens, Secretary to 
the Georgia Trustees and First President; eminent lawyer and 
jurist; Judge of U. S. Distrct Court. 

The letters are Stephens to Seaborn Jones, Savannah, 24 June 
1781, re sale of property. 1 p. A.L.S. and Nathaniel Pendleton to 
Stephens, Savannah, 4 June 1790, giving the history of the Yazoo 
affair. 27 p. A.L.S. 

File No. 756. 


147 STEVENS (EDWARD) PAPER, 1793. litem. 

Note to Josiah Stewart, 20 Dec. 1793, ordering brandy and rum. 1 
p. A.L.S. 

File No. 649. 

148 STILES (SAMUEL) PAPER, 1783-1803. 1vol. 

Stiles (ca. 1736-1808), planter; native of Bermuda. 

Account book, 1783-1803, for provisions from his plantation for 
the French and American Armies during the Siege of Savannah; in- 
cludes prices of slaves and commodities, wages, taxes, etc. 6 p. 

File No. 965. 

149 STIRK (SAMUEL) PAPER, 1783. litem. 

Stirk (? - 1793); lawyer; member Executive Council; delegate to 
Continental Congress; Attorney-General of Georgia; Lt. Colonel 
Georgia Militia. 

Letter to President of Executive Council [Stephen Heard] 1783, 
concerning Charles Watts who "is named on the Bill of Con- 
fiscation and Banishment" and who is "the first person that has 
made appHcation since the definitive Articles of Peace;" Stirk asks 
Governor's opinion on the subject. 1 p. A.L.S. 

File No. 763. 

150 STUART(JOHN) PAPERS, 1761, 1787. litems. 

Stuart (ca. 1700-1779); Superintendent of Indian Affairs for 
Southern District; native of Scotland; emigrated to America, 1748. 

Memorials, one, 1761, of John Stuart then Captain in South 
CaroUna Provincial Regiment, outhning his military, career, 1757- 
1761 ; the other, 1787, is a memorial of his widow, Sarah, giving her 
husband's career and asking for a widow's pension. Photocopies of 
originals in Public Record Office. London. 

File No. 777. 


151 SUTCLIFFE (JOHN) PAPER, 1788. litem. 

John Sutcliffe, shopkeeper in Savannah who supplied stores to the 
Continental Army. 

Letter from Sutcliffe to John Mcintosh at Savannah, 16 Sept. 
1788, refers to the buying of a horse; note in reply signed by J. M. 
is at the bottom of the letter. 1 p. A.L.S. 

File No. 780. 

152 TAARLING (PETER) PAPER, 1776. litem. 

Taarling; member Provincial Congress; appointed Deputy Quar- 
termaster General of Georgia Militia with rank of Colonel, 1777. 

Copy of the Minutes of Georgia in Convention Nov. 28 and Dec. 
21, 1776. The first concerns bounty for the Continental troops, the 
second is the election of Joseph Habersham as Col.; Francis Henry 
Harris, Lt. Col.; and Oliver Bowen, Major in the 1st Battalion, 
Georgia Line; signed "a true copy from the Minutes, Edward 
Langworthy, Secy." 1 p. D.S. Mutilated. 

FUe No. 784. 

153 TATTNALL (JOSIAH II) PAPERS, 1791, 1796-1798. 5 items. 

Tattnall (1762-1803); member of House of Representatives; U. S. 
Senator; Brig. -General first Brigade of 1st Division of Georgia 
State Militia; Governor of Georgia. 

Photocopies of letters from Tattnall to William Hasell Gibbs, 1789; 
Dr. Scott, 1791; Ebenezer Jackson, 1798; George Jones, 1796; one 
to Governor James Jackson, 1798; regimental orders, 1798, signed 
J. Tattnall, Lt. Colonel C. Regiment. One letter concerns Mrs. Tat- 
tnall's property, the others relate to the treaty with Britain and 
other political matters; announces his intention to resign seat in 
Senate in order to assist in the defense of Georgia. Whereabouts of 
originals unknown. 

File No. 786 and 965. 


154 TELFAIR FAMILY PAPERS, 1751-1800. 32 document cases. 

Edward Telfair (1735-1807); member of Continental Congress; 
Signer of Articles of Confederation; Governor of Georgia; mer- 
chant. The Gibbonses: merchants, planters, lawyers, were bro- 
thers-in-law of Edward Telfair. 

The collection consists of papers of Edward Telfair and William, 
Joseph, and John Gibbons. It includes personal letters, personal 
and household accounts, accounts and letter books of various 
Telfair and Gibbons businesses. Georgia Militia pay rolls for 1795, 
tax returns for Chatham County, 1798-1800. 

There is also a good collection of Georgia Continental currency, 
1776-1778, including one uncut sheet and a smaller collection of 
South Carolina currency, 1775-1778. Many of the papers are ac- 
counts with the state of Georgia during the Revolution. A large 
portion of this collection consists of 19th century letters and papers 
of Alexander Telfair, Mary Telfair and William Brown Hodgson, 
husband of Margaret Telfair. There is a calendar of the collection 
in the library. 

File No. 791 and 793. 

155 TREUTLEN (JOHN ADAM) PAPER, 1777. litem. 

Treutlen (1726-1782); delegate to the Provincial Congress; first 
Governor of the State of Georgia. 

Letter of Treutlen to John Hancock, 19 June 1777, re George 
Mcintosh. 5 p. A.L.S. Photocopy of the original in the Papers of 
the Continental Congress, Library of Congress. 

File No. 807. 

156 TURNBULL(NICOL) PAPER, 1799. litem. 

Turnbull (1754-1823); son of Dr. Andrew TurnbuU who estabUshed 
a settlement of Mediterranean peoples at New Smyrna, Florida; 
came to Savannah in 1782 and bought Deptford Plantation. 

Letter of Turnbull to the Editors of the Georgia Gazette dated 19 
Nov. 1799, tells of the first planting of sea island cotton in 


Chatham County. It was published in the Georgia Historical Quar- 
terly, I, p. 42-45 (March 1917). 

File No. 809. 

157 TWIGGS (JOHN) PAPERS, 1781-1812. 24 items. 

Twiggs (1750-1816); Revolutionary soldier; Major General State 

Order book, 3 Feb. 1792 - 1 May 1812 and 23 letters to and from 
Twiggs relative to the Georgia militia, Indian fighting and the 
political situation. Some of the letters from the order book were 
published in the Georgia Historical Quarterly, XI, p. 274-280 
(Sept. 1927). Correspondents besides Twiggs are: Governor Ed- 
ward Telfair, 1793; Generals Irwin and Glascock, 1794; Samuel 
Stirk, 1781; Nathanael Greene, 1784 (photocopy); Thomas 
Galphin, 1785; John Habersham, 1786; John Watts, 1788 
(photocopy); George Handley, 1788 (photocopy); Joel Meriwether, 
1790; George Mathews to Henry Hampton, 1785 (a true copy en- 
dorsed by Twiggs); J. Evans, 1795; James McNeal and a committee 
of citizens, 1795; Jonas Fauche, 1796; and John McKenzie, 1798. 

File No. 810. 

158 U. S. COLLECTOR OF CUSTOMS, SAVANNAH, 1792. 1 item. 

"Manifest of the cargo on board the Brig Eliza for New York, Piatt 
Aperly, Master." Savannah, 9 June 1792. Signed by John Haber- 
sham, Collector, Port of Savannah. 1 p. D.S. 

File No. 815. 

159 U. S. MILITIA PAPERS, 1793-1795. 2 items. 

Receipt for provisions for Federal troops, 1793, and provision 
return for Militia under the command of Lieut. James Cathell, 

File No. 817. 

Petition of the Company to Legislature of Georgia in the hand of 


Patrick Henry and signed by him, David Ross, Paul Carrington, F. 
Watkins, John B. Scott, John Watts. 8 p. A.D.S. 

File No. 824. 

WALLACE (JOHN) PAPER, 1787. 1 item. 

Letter to John Wallace from Samuel Douglass dated London 7 
June 1787, re payment for his confiscated estate, and pay to mer- 
chants and traders in land ceded by Creeks and Cherokecs in 1778; 
asks about disposition, agriculture, climate, and waterways of 
ceded lands. 

File No. 965. 

WALTON (GEORGE) PAPERS, 1778-1791 . 4 items. 

Walton (1749-1804); President of Council of Safety; Lt. 1st Bat- 
talion Georgia Line; member of Continental Congress and Signer 
of the Declaration of Independence; Chief Justice of Georgia; 
twice Governor of Georgia. 

Letters from Walton: to Robert Morris, 1778, reporting capture of 
enemy vessels (photocopy); to an unnamed person, 1791, recom- 
mending James Kidd as a tobacco cooper; letter to Walton from 
James M. Simmons, 1789 transmitting a resolution of the Board of 
Commissions of Trustees of Richmond Academy relating to newly 
completed church. Resolution enclosed. 

File No. 833. 

163 WAND (JOHN) PAPERS, 1771-1772. 17 items. 

John Wand of St. John's, Antigua Island. 

Arbitration in case of ship Elizabeth, Wand owner, and William 
Lang captain, re building of ship at Savannah financed by Cowper 
and Tel fairs. 

File No. 834. 


164 WASHINGTON (GEORGE) PAPER, 1785. litem. 

Washington (1732-1785); General, Commander-in-Chief of the U, 
S. Army; first President of the U. S. 

Letter from Washington, dated Mount Vernon, 15 March 1785, to 
Matthew Carey which concerns Mr. Carey's new newspaper. 1 p. 
A.L.S. Facsimile. 

File No. 840. 

165 WAYNE (ANTHONY) PAPER, 1788. litem. 

Wayne (1745-1796); Brig. -General in the Revolutionary War; 

Letter to Asa Emanuel dated Richmond [plantation, Chatham 
County] 1788, telling of the capture of Savannah and the restoring 
of civil authority in the state and offering pardon to the citizens 
within enemy lines by order of 1782; ingratitude of citizens; will of- 
fer as candidate as Senator from Georgia. 3 p. A.L.S. Photocopy 
of original in the Historical Society of Pennsylvania. 

File No. 939. 

166 WAYNE (RICHARD) PAPERS, 1786-1810." 95 items. 

Wayne (ca. 1741-1809); merchant of Charleston and Savannah; 
came to Savannah in 1790. 

The papers are account book, 1786-1789 (small paper bound); sales 
book (large ledger), 1791-1809; and miscellaneous papers as 
follows: promissory notes to Wayne from Peter De Veaux, 1793; 
William Pinder, 1796; Thomas E. Law, 1799; John Little, 1796; 
(2); Thomas Palmer, 1793; Peter De Veaux in account with Richard 
Wayne, 1795-1798; papers of the estates of Edward ElHngton, 
1795-1809; Jonathan Bryan, 1795-1805; General Anthony Wayne, 
1791-1810 (tax returns, etc. on his estate in Chatham County); 
Richard Wayne vs. the estate of Colonel James Stallings of Colum- 
bia County; papers pertaining to the Georgia Company, 1794-1797. 
With the papers of the Georgia Company is a printed copy of 
"Acts of the State of Georgia passed Augusta, December 1794 - 
January 1795" re unlocated territory, and pay for the state troops. 

File No. 846. 


167 WEREAT (JOHN) PAPER, 1797. litem. 

Wereat (1730-1798); lawyer; Speaker of Provincial Congress; 
acting Governor; Chief Justice; member of Convention which 
ratified the U. S. Constitution. 

Letter to John Gibbons, dated Hardwick, 17 Jan. 1797, re rent 
from Mr. Miller, iron work for mill, rice ready for the vessel. 2 p. 

File No. 854. 

168 WHITE (JOHN) PAPER, 1779. litem. 

White, born in North Carolina, died in Virginia; Colonel 4th Bat- 
talion Georgia Line; died from wounds received at the attack on 
Savannah in Oct. 1779. 

Letter to General Benjamin Lincoln, 2 Oct. 1779, reporting his cap- 
ture of detachment of British troops commanded by Captain 
French and two privateers, two sloops with officers and crews and 
three merchantmen on the Ogeechee River, his most famous exploit 
in the Revolution. 1 p. copy of A.L.S. Manuscript copy in the hand 
of Forest H. Sweet. Original in private possession. 

File No. 859. 

169 WHITNEY (ELI) PAPERS, 1792-1890. 2 boxes. 

Whitney (1765-1825); inventor of a gin for cleaning short staple 
cotton at Mulberry Grove Plantation near Savannah in 1793; also 
perfected the manufacture of interchangable parts for muskets. 

The papers are a collection of selected manuscripts, 1792-1890, and 
printed etchings. These are photocopies of the originals in Yale 
University Library. 

File No. 866. 

170 WOODRUFF PAPERS, 1769-1808. litem. 

Correspondence of Aaron Dickinson Woodruff of Trenton, New 
Jersey, and his brother, George Whitefield Woodruff, of Savan- 
nah, Georgia, 5 June 1769 - 9 Nov. 1808. These papers pertain to 


family matters, and G. W. Woodruff's home "Oatlands" at Tren- 
ton. 58 p. Typed copies of originals at Princeton University 
Library, unbound. 

File No. 880. 
171 WRIGHT (ALEXANDER) PAPERS, 1782. 4 items. 

Wright (1751-1794); son of Gov. Sir James Wright; settled in 
Jamaica after the Revolution. 

Supporting documents for the claim of Alexander Wright for 
destruction of rice and other provisions by government troops and 
the barn with machinery on his plantation Richmond and Kew near 
Savannah. They are: affidavit of Richard Quinn, overseer, 
describing the destroyed property, signed by Quinn and Nathaniel 
Hall; affidavit describing and evaluating destroyed property, 
signed by John Graham, Thomas Flyming, and John Simpson; 
proclamation of Governor Wright certifying Nathaniel Hall's 
authority as Justice of the Peace to take affidavits, etc. and or- 
dering that the Great Seal of Georgia be attached (seal is with this 
paper) signed Jas. Wright and George D'Erbage, Deputy Secretary. 

File No. 930. 

172 WRIGHT (SIR JAMES) PAPERS, 1761-1784. 7 items. 

Wright (1714-1785); Attorney-General of South Carolina; last 
Royal Governor of Georgia, 1760-1782. 

Letters from Wright to President and Council of Savannah, 1761, 
1781; extract of a letter to Wright from Earl of Dartmouth, 1772; 
letter from Thomas Rogers, 1781; a proclamation of Governor, 
Wright for reward of capture of Thomas Fee for murder of Mad 
Turkey, 1774; and two volumes of Report to Earl of Dartmouth, 
1773 and letters, both of which were published in the Collections of 
the Georgia Historical Society, III, 157-378, (1873). Two letters 
and the proclamation are photocopies, the 1761 letter to President 
and Council is an A.L.S.; the volumes are manuscript copies made 
in Public Record Office for the Georgia Historical Society. 

File No. 964 and 884. 


173 WYLLY (RICHARD) PAPER, 1787. litem. 

Wylly (ca. 1745-1801); native of Ireland; member of Executive 
Council; Deputy Quartermaster in Georgia, 1778; Colonel in the 
Georigia Militia. 

Wylly's oath as Assistant Justice of Chatham County, 30 March 
1787. 1 p. A.D.S. 

File No. 152. 

174 YAZOO PAPERS, 1798-1809. 7 items. 

"An Act for Amicable settlement of limits with the State of 
Georgia, and Authorizing the establishment of a government in the 
Mississippi territory, 6 March, 1798, attested by Samuel A. Otis, 
Secretary, and a printed copy of the same; extract from and "Act 
to Amend and alter some parts and repeal other parts of the Several 
Land Acts of this State" giving government authority to appoint 
Commissioners for the state to determine the line between Georgia 
and the Creek nation and setting out bounty land reserve, not 
signed or dated; "Thoughts on a Western purchase and set- 
tlement" addressed to Captain Saunders, unsigned and undated, 
(15 p.) and two papers re accounts for the Yazoo Company. 

File No. 888. 

175 YOUNG (CHARLES) PAPERS, 1785-1811. 182items. 

Personal and business correspondence of Charles Young of 
Philadelphia who dealt in speculation of land, money and stocks. 
There are also some legal documents included. 

File No. 889. 

176 ZUBLY (JOHN JOACHIM) PAPERS, 1770-1781. 7 items. 

Zubly (1724-1781); first minister of Independent Presbyterian 
Church of Savannah; delegate to Provincial Congress and Con- 
tinental Congress. 


Diary, March 5, 1779-April 9, 1781 ; copies of letters from Zubly to 
Noble W. Jones, John Houstoun and Archibald Bulloch, Governor 
Sir James Wright, and Captain Moon, and extracts of other letters, 
1780-1781. Copies made by descendants, ca. 1853, in whose 
possession the papers were at the time. 

File No. 892. 




(Figures refer to entry numbers; all localities mentioned are in Georgia unless otherwise in- 

ACADEMY, English, for Young Ladies 
and Misses in Savannah, 3 (4) 

ACADEMY, Franklin County, 59 

ACCOUNT BOOKS, 24, 25, 49, 71, 148, 
154, 166 

ACCOUNTS, public, 63 

ACTS, Georgia, 60 

ACTS, Provincial, disallowed, 6 

ADAIR, James, 12 

ADAMS, John, 1 

ADVERTISEMENT for proposed 
publication, 3 (5) 

AGRICULTURE see Georgia (State) 
agriculture. Liberty County, Mcin- 
tosh county and names of products; 
e.g., cotton. 

ALSOP and Hicks, 2 

AMERICAN Revolution, see 
Revolutionary War 

ANCIAUX, Nicholas, 5 

APERLY, Piatt, 158 

APPALACHE Old Fields, 12 

ARNOLD, George, 141 

ATKIN, Edmond, 41 

AUGUSTA, Church, 162; Young Men 
of, 1 

BACON, William, 14 

BAILLIE, George, 4 

BAILLIE, George, Jr., 104 

BAILLIE, Robert, 4 

BANISHMENT and confiscation, B.C., 

BARCLAY, Com. Andrew, 120 

BARKER, Ephriam, 21 

BARNARD, Jane, 10 

BARNARD, Timothy, 6, 14, 70 

BARNETT, Wijliam, 59 

BARNEY, Joshua, 47 

BARRINGTON, Fort, 120 

BATUZE, John, 21 

BECKCOM, Samuel, 6 

BERRIEN, John, 5,63 

BETHESDA Orphan House, 46, 86 

BEVAN, Joseph Vallence, 6 

BLOUNT, William, 74 

BOARD of General Officers, 7 

BOLTON, Robert, 2, 14 

BOLTZIUS, Rev. Johann Martin, 119 

BOUNDARY, Georgia and Cherokee 
Nation, 70; Georgia and Creek 
Nation, 174 

BOUNTY, Continental troops, 152; land 
reserve, 174 

BOURNE, Benjamin, 8 

BOWEN, Oliver, 152 

BRADDOCK, Gen. Edward, 107 

BRADFORD, Thomas, 9 

BRADLEY, Elizabeth, 10 

BRADLEY, William, Sr., 10 

BRADLEY, William, Jr., 10 

BROWNSON, Nathan, 11 

BRYAN, Jonathan, 12, 14, 166 

BUFFINGTON, Moses, 13 

BULLOCH, Archibald, 14, 136, 176 

BUTLER, Pierce, 71 

BURKE, Aedanus, 15 

BURKE County militia, 16 

BURNEL, Cradock, 89 

BURRINGTON, Thomas, 10 

BUSSY, Le Droit de, 129 

CADWALLADER, Thomas, 78 

CALL, Maj. Richard, 6, 111 

CAMBER, Sarah, 70 

CAMPBELL, Col. Archibald, 17, 28 

CAMPBELL, Macartan, 18, 19 

CAMPBELL, Sarah (Mrs. Macartan), 19 

CARADEUC, see de Caradeuc 

CAREY, Matthew, 164 

CARLISLE, Earl of, 17 

CARNEY, Arthur, 120 


CARR, Maj. Patrick, 6, 70 

CARRINGTON, Paul, 160 

CASWELL, Richard, 20 

CATHELL, James 159 

CATTLE, 97, 120 

CAUSTON, Thomas, 132 

CECIL, John, 114 

CECIL, Leonard, 114 

CEDED Lands, 161 


CHARLESTON, S.C: evacuation of, 66; 

fortification of, 109 
CHATHAM Artillery, 21,131 
CHATHAM County electors, 90; militia, 

CHEKILLI (Creek ChieO, 23 
CHISHOLM, Thomas, 120 
CINCINNATI, Society of, see Society of 

the Cincinnati in the State of Georgia 
CLAIMS, Commissioners of, 28 
CLARK, Elijah, 6, 45, 84, 109 
CLARK, Frances Eleanor, 118 
CLARK, Gen. George Rogers, 118 
CLARKE, see Graham, Clarke & Co. 
CLAY, Ann L. (Mrs. Joseph), 24 



CLAY, James, 120 

CLAY, Joseph, 24, 25, 120 

CLAY, Telfair & Co., 25; see also Telfair, 

CLEMENTS, John, 16 
CLIFFE, Walter, 26 
CLINTON, George, 120 
COCHRAN, Johathan, 24 
COLOMB, Pierre, 27 

Savannah, 28 

Savannah, 29 
CONSTITUTION, Georgia, 1798, 56 

for, 123, 152; provisions, 112, 148 
COPP, John, 120 
CORN, 98, 145 

COTTON, 98; Sea Island, 97, 156 
COURTENAY, Jane, 30 
COURTENAY, John, 30 
COWETA, travel to Indian assembly at, 

COWPER, Basil, 31, 106 
COWPER, Margaret, 106 
COWPER, Mary Ann, 106 
COWPER, Mary Smith, 106 
COWPER, William, 60 
COWPER AND TELFAIRS, 31, 163; see 

also Telfair, Edward 
COX, Zachariah, 6, 32, 55 
CREEK Indian migration legend, 23; see 

also Indians, Creek 
CROOKE, Robert, 8 
CURRY, John, 55 
CUTHBERT, Seth John, 33 
DARTMOUTH, Earl of, 172 
DAVENPORT, Mrs. Sarah, 34 
DAVIS, Abner, 89 
DAVIS, Caleb, 10 
DAVISON, John, 33 
DEAVES, Henry, 2 
DE BUSSY, Le Droit, see Bussy, Le Droit 

DE CARADEUC, Gen. Jean Baptiste, 

Comtede, 35 
DE CARADEUC, Jean Jacques Achille, 

DELYON, Isaac, 36 
DELYON, and Harris, see Harris & 

DEMERE, Raymond, 11 
D 'ERBAGE, George, 171 
DESERTERS, see Revolutionary War, 

D 'ESTAING, Comte, see Estaing 
DE LAFAYETTE, Marquis, see Lafayet- 

DE VILLERS, see Petit de Villers 

DE QUESADA, see Quesada 

DE RICHELIEU, see Richelieu 

DE VEAUX, Peter, 166 

DIXON, J. L., 62 

DOOLY, John, 37 

DOUGLASS, John, 91 

DOUGLASS, Samuel, 161 

DRAYTON, Stephen, 38 

DUNBAR, Capt. George, 1 19 

EARLY, Peter, 39 

EAST FLORIDA, 68; see also Florida 


ELBERT, Col. Samuel, 40, 80 

ELBERT, Mrs. Samuel, 59 

ELIZA, bT\g, 158 

ELIZABETH, ship, 163 

ELLINGTON, Rev. Edward, 166 

ELLIS, Henry, 41 

EMANUEL, Asa, 165 

ENGLISH Academy for Young Ladies 

and Misses in Savannah, 3 (4) 
ESTAING, Charles Hector, Comte d', 6, 

42, 106 
ETTWEIN, John, 43 
EUSTACE, John Skye, 1 14 
EVANS, J., 157 
FABIAN, John, 44 
FALLON, see O'Fallon 
FARLEY, Joseph, 12 
FAT KING (Indian ChieO, 79 
FAUCHE, Capt. Jonas, 45, 67, 109, 157 
FAYRWEATHER, Samuel, 46 
FEE, Thomas, 172 
FEW, William, 58, 62 
FIDIUS, Fort, 116 
FITZPATRICK, Thomas, 65 
FLORIDA, 40; travel in, 119, see also 

East Florida 
FLYMING, Thomas, 171 
FORBES, John, 31 
FORBES, Thomas, 4 
FORE, Mr., 32 

FOREMAN, Gen. Thomas Marsh, 47 
FORSYTH, Robert, 59 
FORT Barrington, 120 
FORTFidius, 116 
FORT Madison, 48 
Fort Moore, 41 

FORT Prince George, S.C, 126 
FORTSt. John, 90 
FORT Saunders, 21 
FOX, James, 55 

FRANKLIN COUNTY, Academy of, 59 
ERASER, Maj. Simon, 98 
FRENCH, Captain, 168 



FRIENDSHIP, slooD, 134 

GABORT, Gasper, 14 

GALPHIN, George, 49 

GALPHIN, Thomas, 157 


GARRETT, John, 33 

GAY, Allen, 50 

GEORGIA (Province) Committee of 
Correspondence, 51; Governor and 
Council, 6, 52 

GEORGIA (State), agriculture, 89, 97, 
101; Capitol Commission, 53; Com- 
mission for holding a treaty with In- 
dians, 54; Constitutional Convention 
1798, 56; Continental currency, 154 
Georgia Convention, 1776, 152 
Council of Safety, 57; Executive 
Council, 6, 58; frontier, 84; House of 
Representatives, resolutions, 59; laws, 
6; militia, 88, 98, 157; Provincial 
Congress, 61; 2nd Judicial District, 
62; Treasurer, 11, 63; treasury, 32; 
Revolution in, see Revolutionary War; 
travel in, 119 

GEORGIA Company, 55, 166 

GEORGIA Gazette, 156 

GEORGIA-Mississippi Company, 65 

GEORGETOWN, S.C, fortification of, 

GIBBONS, James Martin, 3 (3) 

GIBBONS, John, 154,167 

GIBBONS, Joseph, 90, 154 

GIBBONS, William, 108, 154 

GIBBS, William Hasell, 153 

GILLETT, Mrs. Eliza, 135 

GLASCOCK, Gen. William, 157 

Glen, Mr., 129 

GRAHAM, Clarke & Co. , 69 

GRAHAM, John, 64, 171 

GRATZ, Barnard, 36 

GRAY, Samuel, 104 

GREEN, Samuel, 65 

GREEN, Timothy, 65 

GREENE, Gen. Nathanael, 6, 24, 50, 66, 

GREENE County militia, 67 

GRIERSON, James, 64 

GUNN, James, 6, 55 

GWINNETT, Ann (Mrs. Button), 68 

GWINNETT, Button, 38, 68, 79 

HABERSHAM, James, 69, 79 

HABERSHAM, John, 70, 134, 142, 157, 

HABERSHAM, Joseph, 69, 70, 71, 120, 
142, 152 

HABERSHAM, Mrs. Joseph, 70, 71 

HACK, Sarah, 90 

HALL, P., 65 

HALL, John, 72 

HALL, Nathaniel, 171 

HAMILTON, Alexander, 73, 102, 129 

HAMMOND, Abner, 6 

HAMPTON, Henry, 157 

HAMPTON, Wade, 55 

HEMP, 98 

HANCOCK, John, 68,155 

HANDLEY, George, 157 

HARRIS, Col. Francis Henry, 152 

HARRIS, John, 75 

HARRIS &Delyon, 138 

HARRISON, Richard, 73 

HAWKINS, Benjamin, 74 

HEARD, Stephen, 108, 149 

HENDERSON, Robert, 89 

HENRY, James M., 75 

HENRY, Patrick, 160 

HICKS, Alsop &, see Alsop & Hicks 

HILL, John, 79 



HINCHENBROOK, vessel, 120 

HOLMES, John, 76 

HOMER, Jonathan, 90 

HOPKINS, David, 77 

HOUSTON, Dr. John, 78 

HOUSTOUN, John, 14, 38, 79, 80, 112, 
120, 176 


HOWARD, Col. Charles, 45 

HOWE, Gen. Robert, 80, 139 

HOWLEY, Richard, 19, 59, 81 

HUNTINGTON, Samuel, 79, 82 

INDIANS, 6, 70, 74, 79, 84, 85, 88, 90, 
108, 119, 120, 138, 157; Ceded Lands, 
161; Cherokees, 41, 49, 70; Creeks, 
12, 14, 23, 41, 49, 58, 174; trade, 3 (1), 
49, 161; treaty, 54, 58; assembly at 
Coweta, 1 19; see also Boundary 

INDIGO, 64, 98 

INGLIS, Captain, 120 

INGLIS, John, 83 

INVERNESS, Scotland, 119 

IRWIN, Jared, 32, 84, 157 

JACKSON, Ebenezer, 153 

JACKSON, Gen. James, 6, 58, 85, 88, 


JAMES, Mr. (?), 129 

JEFFERSON, Thomas, autograph, 5 


JENKINS, S.H., 83 

JOHNSON, John, 86 

JOHNSON, Thomas, 87 

JOHNSTON, James, Jr., 55 

JOHNSTON, Matthew, 55 

JONES, Edward, 84 

JONES, George, 90, 153 



JONES, Col. John, 88 

JONES, Noble, 31, 90, 132, 143 

JONES, Noble Wimberly, 31, 90, 176 

JONES, Seaborn, 12, 24, 33, 39, 146 

JONES, Samuel, 89 

JONES, Thomas, 89 

KEATING, Edward, 91 

KELLY, Francis John, 92 

KENDALL, Jeremiah, 33 

KENNEDY, Danby, 14 

KER, George, 55 

KIDD, James, 162 

KING, Mark, 93 

KNOX, Gen. Henry, 95, 109 

KNOX, William, 69 

KOLLOCK, Lemuel, 94 

KUHN, A.,78 

LAFAYETTE, Marquis de, 95, 106 

LAMB, William, 2 

LAMPE, John, 102 

LAND lottery of 1784,79 

LANG, William, 163 

LANGWORTHY, Edward, 152 

LAURENS, Henry, 80, 96, 105 

LAURENS, John, 96 

LAW, Thomas E., 166 

LEAKE, Richard, 97 

LeCONTE, John, 120 

LeCONTE, William, 31 

LeCONTE, Mrs. William, 120 

LeDROIT de Bussy, see Bussy, LeDroit 

LEE, Gen. Charles, 14 
LEESON, James, 129 
LEWIS, John, 53 
LIBERTY County, agriculture, 98, 

militia, 98 
LIBERTY, schooner, 138 
LINCOLN, Gen. Benjamin, 79, 89, 90, 

LISTON, Robert, 124 
LITTLE, John, 166 
LIVINGSTON, Robert R., 1 1 
LOCHRY, Archibald, 110 
LONG, Nicholas, 40, 53 
LONGSTREET, William, 55 
LOUIS XVI, autograph, 5, 35 
LOVEREL, John, 6 
LOYALISTS, 4, 13, 101, 171 
LUCAS, Maj. John, 142 
LYNAH, Dr. James, 102 

McAllister, Matthew, 55, 103 

McBEAN, Donald, 104 
McCREDIE, Andrew, 55 
McDonald, Archibald, 21 
McGILLIVRAY, Alexander, 129 

McGIRT, Daniel, 45 
McGOWN, Alexander, 37 
Mcintosh, George, 68, 155 
McINTOSH, Capt. John, 98 
Mcintosh, John, Jr., 104, 151 
McINTOSH, Gen. Lachlan, 68, 105, 120, 

123, 134 
McINTOSH, Col. William, Jr., 98 
McIVER, John, 55 
MACKAY, James, 31 
MACK AY, Robert, 106 
MACKAY, Robert, Jr., 106 
MACKAY, Mrs. Robert, Jr., 106 
McKENZIE, John, 157 
McNEAL, James, 157 
McQUEEN, John (Don Juan), 106 
McQueen, John, Jr., 106 
McQUEEN, Mrs. John, Jr., see Margaret 

McINTOSH County, agriculture, 98 
MAD TURKEY (Indian), 172 
MADISON, Fort, 48 
MADISON, James, 6 
MARSHALL, John, 89 
MARTIN, Mrs. Elizabeth Marshall, 107 
MARTIN, John, 6, 108 
MARTIN, Thomas, 107 
MARYLAND, General Assembly, 87 
MAUVE, Matthew, 31 
MATHEWS, George, 6, 55, 109, 131, 

142, 157 
MATLACK, Timothy, 1 10 
MEDICAL history, 94 
MELVIN, George, 81 
MERIWETHER, Joel, 157; autographs, 

MIDDLETON, Mrs. John, 129 
MIGRATION legend of Creek Indians, 

MILITARY affairs, 85, 88, 96, 1 16 
MILITARY stores, 75 
MILLEDGE, John, 111, 119 
MILLER, Joseph, 55 
MILLER, Mr., 167 
MILTON, John, autograph, 131 
MINIS, Abigail, 113 
MINIS, PhiHp, 113 
MINIS family, 113 
MITCHELL, David Brydie, 1 14 
MOODIE, Benjamin, 129 
MOON, Captain, 176 
MOORE, Fort, 41 
MOORE, Francis, 1 19 
MOORE, Susannah BoUon, 1 15 
MORRIS, Robert, 110, 162 
MOSSMAN, James, 114 



MOULTRIE, Alexander, 129, 144 

MOULTRIE, Gen. William, 140 

MULBERRY Grove Plantation, 24 

MUNRO, Colonel, 142 

NASH.Abner, 20 

NEGROES, possibility of using as troops, 
66; see also Slaves 

NEPOMMENE, de Quesada see Quesada 

NEW YORK, business, 2; fortification 
of, 3 (2) 

NICOLL, Abimael Youngs, 1 16 

NOEL, John Y., 90, 109, 117 

NORRIS, Archer, 6 

NORTH CAROLINA, recruiting in, 20 

NUTT, John, 83 

OATLANDS Plantation ,N.J., 170 

O'FALLON, James, 118 

OFFICERS, Board of General see Board 
of General Officers 

OGLETHORPE, James Edward, 119 

OLD TOSSELL (Cherokee Chief), 6 

OSBORNE, Henry, 118 

OTIS, Samuel A., 174 

OWENS, Owen, 55 

PAGE, William, 90 

PALMER, Thomas, 154 

PANTON & FORBES, see Forbes, 

PARSONS, Edwin, collection, 120 

PAYNE, Robert, 4 

PAYNE, William, 129 

PENDLETON, Nathaniel, 146 

PERRAULT, Hyacinte, 109 

PETIT DE VILLERS, Francois-Didier, 

PHYSICIANS, 44, 94, 102, 118 

PICKENS, Gen. Andrew, 6 

PINCKNEY, Gen. Charles Cotesworth, 
120, 122 

PINCKNEY, Maj. Thomas, 129 

PINDER, William, 166 

PINE lands, 65, 72, 118 


PLANTATION, Journal, 97; manage- 
ment, 97, 104; Virginia, 107, see also 
names of individual plantations 

POLLY, schooner, 89 
PORTER, Margaret, 124 
PORTER, Thomas, 123 
PRESTON, Henry, 125 
PRESTON, William, 126 
PREVOST, Gen. Augustin, 27, 92 
PRINCE, Thomas, 46 
PRISONERS of war, see Revolutionary 
War, prisoners of war 

PUBLIC accounts, 63 

PULASKI, Gen. Casimir, 102, 127 

PUTNAM, Henry, 11 

QUESADA, Juan Nepommene de, 6 

QUINN, Richard, 171 

RASBERRY, Thomas, 128 

READ, Jacob, 129 

RECRUITING, in North Carolina, 20; 
difficuhyof, 120 

REES, David, 79 

REVOLUTIONARY WAR, 5,11, 50, 80, 
85, 92, 96, 101, 105; deserters, 93; 
prisoners of war, 26, 82, 1 20 

REYNOLDS, John, 130 

RHODE ISLAND, militia, 8 

RICE, exporting, 145; growing, 98; mill, 

RICHELIEU, Marechal de, autograph, 

RICHMOND Academy, 162 

RICHMOND and KEW Plantation, 165, 

ROBERTSON, James, 55, 131 

ROBERTSON, William, 129 

ROGERS, Thomas, 172 

ROSE, Alexander, 129 

ROSS, David, 160 

ROUX&CO., 14 

RUSH, Dr. Benjamin (?), 78 

RUSSELL, Peter, 7 

RUTLEDGE, John, 66 

SAGO powder, 83 

ST. AUGUSTINE expedition, 1 19 

ST. CATHERINES Island, 1 1 

ST. CECELIA Society, Charleston, 129 

ST. JOHN, Fort, 90 

ST. MARYS, fortification of, 109 

ST. SIMONS Island, 97 

S/4Z.Z.y. ship, 141 


SANDY CREEK expedition, 126 

SAPELO Island, 145 

SAUNDERS, Captain, 174 

SAUNDERS, Fort, 21 

SAUNDERS, R. P., 129 

SAVANNAH; bank, proposed, 133; 
business, 2, 24, 25, 33, 36, 83, 89, 
90, 94, 113, 115, 121, 128, 154; 
capture of 1778, 79, 80, 99; 
return of British, killed and woun- 
ded, 17; capture of 1782, 165; Com- 
missioners of Claims, 28; Com- 
missioners of Pilotage, 29; Court 
House, 125; defenses and for- 
tifications, 7, 93, 109; education, 3 
(4); fire of 1796, 84, 117; Grand Jury, 
132; merchants and planters, 133; 
port, 5; port records, 134; Siege of 
1779,13,44,61,77, 148 



SAVANNAH River, 120 

SCARBROUGH, William, 135 

SCHERMERHORN, Capt. John (?), 120 

SCHLEY, Michael, 53 

SCHWEIGER, George, 14 

SCOTT, Aquila, 65 

SCOTT, Dr., 153 

SCOTT, John B., 160 

SCREVEN, James, 136 

SCREVEN, John, 47 

SCREVEN, Richard Bedon. 47 

SCREVEN County, Grand Jury, 137 

SEAGROVE, James, 109 

SEA Island cotton, see Cotton 

SIEXAS, Lt. Abraham Mendes (?), 14 

SHARON Plantation, 3 (3) 

SHEPHERDESS, ship, 134 

SHEFTALL, Levi, 120, 138 

SHEFTALL, Mordecai, 139 

SHEFTALL, Moses, 138 

SHEFTALL, Sheftali, 140 

SHELMAN, Michael, 53 


SIMMONS, James M., 162 

SIMONS, Thomas, 129 

SIMPSON, John, 171 

SLAVES, lists and values, 9, 18, 97, 105, 
148; see also Negroes 

SIMS, Benjamin, 55 

SIMS, Charles, 77 

SLOAN, Sir Hans, 119 

SMITH, Timeon, 141 

SOCIETY of the Cincinnati in the State 
of Georgia, 105, 120, 142 

SOLOMON'S Lodge, A & FM, 143 

SOUTH CAROLINA, banishment and 
confiscation, 101; Continental curren- 
cy, 154; description of, 126; list of 
grants south of the Altamaha, 105 
SOUTH CAROLINA Yazoo Co., 144 
SPALDING, James, 145 
STALLINGS, Col. James, 166 
STEPHENS, William, 62, 146 
STEVENS, Edward, 147 
STEVENS, William, 79 
STEWART, Col. Daniel, 6, 98 
STEWART, Josiah, 147 
STILES, Samuel, 148 
STIRK, Samuel, 40, 90, 149, 157 
STITH, William, 72 
STOUF, Isadore, 109 
STUART, James, 129 
STUART, John, 150 
STUART, Sarah (Mrs. John), 150 
SUGAR cane, 98 
SUTCLIFFE, John, 151 
TAARLING, Peter, 79, 152 
TAIT, Daniel, 14 
TALIAFERRO, Benjamin, 62 

TATTNALL, Josiah, 11, 153 

Maurice de, 120 

TELFAIR, Edward, 11, 24, 25, 31, 58, 
154, 157; see also Clay, Telfair & Co., 
Cowper and Telfairs 

TELFAIR, William, 31 

TENNILLE, Benjamin, 72 

THIGPEN, W., Jr.,78 

THOMAS, Ab., 142 

TILGHMAN.Mr., 129 


TORIES, trouble with, 70 

TORRENCE, John, 59 

TREUTLEN, John Adam, 155 

TUFTS, Francis, 65 

TUFTS, Gardner, 65 

TURNBULL, Nicol, 156 

TWIGGS, Gen. John, 157 

TYBEE lighthouse, 132 

U.S. Customs, 158; militia, 159 

VERELST, Harman, 119 

VINCENT, Hannah (Mrs. Thomas), 129 

VIRGINIA, description, 126 

VIRGINIA Yazoo Company, 160 

WALDBURGER, Jacob, 55 

WALKER, George, 55 

WALL, Samuel, 2 

WALLACE, John, 161 

WALTON, George, 72, 79, 81, 162 
WAMBERSIE, Emanuel, 55 
WAND, John, 163 
WARDELL, Capt. George, 120 
WASHINGTON, George, 164; auto- 
graph, 5, 9 (facsimile), 42, 103 
WATKINS, F., 160 
WATT, Alexander, 34 
WATTS, Charles, 149 
WATTS, John, 157, 160 
WAYNE, Gen. Athhony, 6, 165, 166 
WAYNE, Richard, 55, 166 
WEATHERFORD, Charles, 6 
WEBB, Samuel M., 142 
WEMYSS, Elizabeth, 124 
WEMYSS, George, 124 
WEMYSS, Margaret Feiggins, 124 
WEMYSS, William, 124 
WEREAT, John, 24, 99, 167 
WESLEY, Rev. Charles, 69 
WESLEY, Rev. John, 69, 132 
WHATLEY, Samuel, 59 
WHITBY, ship, 27 
WHITE, Anthony Walton, 1 1 
WHITE, Col. John, 80, 81, 168 
WHITEFIELD, Rev. George, 69, 86 
WHITE OAK Plantation, 59 
WHITNEY, Eli, 169 
WILHELM&Willink, 122 
WILLIAM, ship, 83 


WILLIAMSON, William, 12 

WINN, John, 14 

WINN, Richard, 6 

WINSTANLY, Thomas, 129 

WOOD, Solomon, 6 

WOODRUFF, Aaron Dickinson, 170 

WOODRUFF, George Whitefield, 170 

WRIGHT, Alexander, 171 

WRIGHT, Sir James, 14, 52, 101, 171, 

172, 176 
WYLLY, Richard, 173 
YAZOO speculation, 6, 55, 65, 144, 146, 

160, 166, 174 
YORKTOWN, battle and surrender, 15 
YOUNG, Charles, 175 
YOUNG, Isaac, 10, 132 
YOUNG, Martha, 10 
YOUNG, Thomas, 55 
YOUNG, William, 12, 143 
YOUNG Ladies and Misses, Academy for 

in Savannah, 3 (4) 
ZUBLY, Rev. John Joachim, 176